6 Winter Destinations You’ll Love as a Travel Nurse

There seem to be two types of winter people: snowbirds who seek the sunshine and beaches during the chilly months… and those who embrace the cold with their big coats and cozy socks in hand. As a travel nurse, there’s flexibility in where to stay during the winter months, and we’ve pulled together a list of six fantastic travel nursing destinations to explore from November to February (with both sun seekers and snow lovers in mind.)

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next destination, and our recruiting team here at Supplemental Health Care is ready to help you find your next travel nursing job. If you’re a travel nurse and prefer a specific climate during the winter, we’ve got you covered. 

Warmer Weather Winter Destinations


Our first recommendation for travel nurses who love the sun during the winter months is the ever-amazing Georgia. With warmer weather all year round, you’ll never want to leave “The Peach State.” You can choose to travel to Atlanta, the capital of Georgia and one of the most famous cities in the Southern states, or maybe Savannah, where history surrounds you at every turn. Travel nurses in Georgia enjoy competitive pay as well as some of the top hospital systems in the U.S. 

South Carolina

Travel a little further north and you’ll find the world-famous beaches and sunny days of South Carolina. As one of the original thirteen colonies, South Carolina is rich with history to explore. You can choose a university town like Chapel Hill or maybe the Appalachian city of Asheville, where you can enjoy fresh air all year round. North Carolina is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, which gives you even more flexibility as a travel nurse if you only plan on staying for a short time. 


Next, jump all the way across the country, and you’ll find the state that has something for everyone: California. If you need sunshine and sandy beaches in the winter, choose SoCal for a few months. You can travel to San Diego with its thriving downtown, the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Parks, and multiple beaches to explore. And who can forget that California is home to Disneyland? You can enjoy the park on the off-peak season while the kids are in school then hop over to Venice Beach to dip your toes in the Pacific. California has a high cost of living, but the average pay for travel nurses balances that out so you can live your California dream. 

Snowy Options for Travel Nurses This Winter

California (Again!)

California also makes our list for winter-weather-loving travel nurses. Traveling to the northern part of this state, you can find winter weather for your White Christmas dreams. Settle near Lake Tahoe and along the Sierra Nevada, and you’ll experience fantastic skiing. The Sacramento Valley or Bay Area might be a better option if you’d rather have nice weather but still have access to the snow. Whether you choose California for the sunshine or the snow, travel nursing in this state is a great option for the winter, as it’s also part of the Nurse Licensure Compact


If you love winter sports and want a ski or snowboarding resort right up the road, Colorado might be your new home sweet home for the winter. You can choose a mountain town, which is well known for its winter sports and other attractions, or the “Mile High City” of Denver. If you find your travel nurse position in time, you can see the glorious transformation of fall into winter before bundling up for the holiday season. It’s difficult to find a place in Colorado that won’t take your breath away, and as a travel nurse, you can see them all. Colorado is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact, so whether you stay for a short time or longer term, it’s a great option for those who love cozy, snow-filled winters.


For a serving of American history with a heaping side of snow, Massachusetts is the state for you. You’ve surely heard of Boston as the birthplace of the American Revolution, but it’s also home to top-notch colleges and known for its walkability, skyline, and healthcare (perfect for travel nurses looking to advance their careers). Travel inward, and maybe Worcester will be the right fit for you with the benefits of both a big and small city. 

Massachusetts has lots of travel nursing jobs available, so be sure to let your recruiters know what type of city you’re looking for. This state is known for its deep snow in the winter, so be sure to bring your winter boots and heated blanket — you’re in for a cozy time!

New York

Head south just a little bit from Massachusetts and you’ll find New York with all its glitz and glam. Whether you take a travel nurse job in “The Big Apple” or a smaller town in Upstate New York, you can enjoy all the culture the city has to offer after a short train ride. From the world-famous Rockefeller Square Christmas tree, the Rockettes, and thriving Christmas markets all over the city just days before the New Year’s ball drop, this is a holiday lovers’ destination. 

New York is also known for its snowstorms (from the northernmost town to the southern tip), so if you’re looking for a picture-perfect white winter, look no further. New York isn’t part of the NLC, so make sure you check out New York’s Board of Nursing website to get information about licensure. 

Choose Your Winter Getaway Now

Whether you’re a snowbird seeking sunshine on New Year’s Day or prefer to bundle up with a cup of cocoa inside with snow falling outside, travel nursing gives you plenty of options. At Supplemental Health Care, our recruiters are ready and waiting to help you find your next travel assignment, whether it’s in sunny Georgia or the mountains of Colorado.

Our team at SHC can assist you in finding the right position for you, securing the perfect housing, and supporting you every step of the way in your travel nursing adventure. When you’re ready to move on to the next assignment, we’ll be ready to help. If you’re ready to become a travel nurse, contact our team today!

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