Top Spring Destinations Perfect for Travel Nurses

With new life on the horizon, spring is a time of renewal and beauty. While we’re believers that every city and state has its own type of beauty, there are some destinations that are ideal in the springtime, especially for travel nurses. 

Travel nurses get to choose where they’d like to be when the snow melts and the flowers start to emerge. We’ve pulled together a list of seven destinations where spring really blooms: a perfect place to be between March and June. It’s never too early to start thinking about your next travel assignment, and our recruiting team here at Supplemental Health Care can help travel nurses find the perfect position. 

7 of the Best States for Travel Nursing This Spring

While flowers are the star of spring, there’s so much more to look forward to: museums on rainy days, history at its finest, and spring concerts and food festivals to take in the sounds and smells of spring. From states in the Midwest to coastal destinations, here are some of our top choices for nurses traveling this springtime.

North Carolina

Great Smoky Mountains North Carolina travel nursing

Spring brings beautiful weather and stunning views in North Carolina. North Carolina’s famous mountain wildflowers will take your breath away between March and June. From trout lilies and violets to lady slippers and rhododendrons, the Great Smoky Mountains are awash with color from beautiful flowers. You can catch a concert in Dreamville or snag a hotdog at one of several minor league baseball games in the spring, too. 

As a nurse traveling in North Carolina, you’ll find spring at its finest while also enjoying competitive pay and fantastic hospital systems to work in. There are plenty of opportunities for fulfilling work and adventure. 


Sprintime travel nursing in Chicago IL

Illinois is stunning in spring. You can take part in the local tulip festivals, Spring Flings, and the Belleville Strawberry Festival. Not into fruit or flowers? There’s something for everyone in Illinois, with art walks in Champagne (featuring hundreds of sculptors, actors, painters, and others), Latin music festivals in Chicago, and the ever-famous Chicago Riverwalk.

Chicago is also well known for its museums, too. So, if it’s a rainy day, take a trip into the city and enjoy The Natural History Museum or The Art Institute of Chicago. 

Whether you’re in the city or further out, Illinois is a great destination for travel nurses looking to enjoy all spring has to offer. 


travel nursing in Kentucky

Kentucky is at its best in spring, whether you’re donning your favorite hat at the Kentucky Derby in May or admiring the tulips in front of the State Capitol Building, the Bluegrass State is stunning in spring. 

The Louisville Nature Center boasts a wildflower garden and pond, and you can explore the rich history of politics or boxing in Kentucky at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park and Muhammad Ali Center. 

Whether you settle in Louisville, Lexington, or one of the smaller towns in the state, travel nurses in Kentucky enjoy a glorious spring while working in one of many Nurse Licensure Compact states. 


Travel nursing in philadelphia, pennsylvania.

Warm spring air and green hills are waiting for you in Pennsylvania this spring. If you love the great outdoors, there are oodles of hiking trails to try, or you can go golfing and fishing on warmer days. 

The Mountain Laurel, Pennsylvania’s state flower, is at its most beautiful in late May and early June, and the views will take your breath away. Learn something new at some of the most historic sites in the country: Independence Hall and Valley Forge, both perfect places to visit as temperatures warm up. Or, satisfy your tastebuds in Hershey, Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes outside of Philadelphia. 

Whether you’re looking for gorgeous spring flowers or a chance to soak in the history of the United States, Pennsylvania is perfect for travel nurses on the move.


Travel nursing in Austin, TX stand up paddle boarding springtime

Known for its gorgeous weather, Texas is a great place to live in the Spring. Mild winters mean spring starts early, so you’ll want to arrive in Texas in late February or early March to enjoy a long, glorious season. 

Spring brings the stunning Bluebonnet fields, hilarious comedy festivals in Austin, and plenty of swimming holes as the weather warms up. Dallas boasts several open-air museums, and you can enjoy America’s favorite pastime with the state’s own Major League Baseball team (go Rangers!). 

With more hospitals per person than any state, there are plenty of job options if you want to enjoy Texas in the spring. 


Hiking in Arizona - Travel Nursing in Spring

While you may not want to stick around for the summer, Arizona in the spring is to die for. With the perfect weather (the average temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit), you can enjoy weeks of baseball during spring training, blooming cacti and wildflowers all over the Sonoran Desert, and go golfing to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for adventure, the Grand Canyon in spring doesn’t include the crazy summer crowds but still boasts some of the most incredible views in the world. 

With plenty of opportunities to grow your career, travel nursing in Arizona makes for a beautiful springtime experience for anyone interested in exploring the great outdoors.

Washington, D.C.

Travel nursing in Washington DC for spring, cherry blossoms

The nation’s capital is known worldwide for its gorgeous spring displays. The National Cherry Blossom Festival attracts lots of visitors, but if you want fewer crowds, you can take advantage of the first blooms by living just down the street.

Washington, D.C. is about more than museums and the White House: the Smithsonian National Zoo is one of the oldest in the US, and it has over 2,000 animals in residence. You can enjoy the National Arboretum (perfect for rainy days!) or walk around Rock Creek Park. 

Washington, D.C. as well as surrounding Virginia and Maryland will give you plenty of experience as a travel nurse while filling your cup with history, the arts, and delightful spring weather. 

Travel Nursing Jobs with SHC

If you’re tired of winter and searching for warmer weather this spring, our travel nursing team at SHC is ready to help you find the perfect spring assignment. Whether it’s the wildflower-covered mountains in North Carolina, fields of bluebonnets in Texas, or acres of history in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of new areas to explore. 

Supplemental Health Care can find the right travel nursing job for you! We’ll help you find the perfect location and support you every step of the way with housing, compliance, and benefits. Then, when you’re ready to move to the next assignment, we’ll be ready to help (no matter the season). So, if you’re ready to hit the road as a travel nurse, contact our team today

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