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With a 100% focused team of specialists, SHC connects healthcare professionals with federal, state, and local correctional nurse jobs and government services that need them. These jobs offer flexible schedules, national travel options, and more consistent opportunities than many settings. Let us introduce you to opportunities that are often among the most stable jobs in healthcare.

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You can be the connection that fuels Miracles.

A small act of caring can make a world of difference. With a passionate belief in the power of caring, Supplemental Health Care (“SHC”) connects nursing professionals like you with employers seeking the best talent possible. Find your next opportunity across our continuum of care.

If you’re looking to make an impact for lives in need, positions in the Veterans Administration, Department of Corrections or for small service-oriented businesses can be surprisingly rewarding. Let SHC help you explore a new way to care.

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Clinician backgrounds ranging from emergency care and trauma to behavioral health and medical specialties are in need.

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SHC has been named one of the largest healthcare staffing firms in the U.S. for ten years.

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SHC caregivers have logged over 1.35 million hours in correctional and government run facilities in the last year.

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Positions offered by the Veterans Administration, Department of Corrections, Department of Health and Human Services, and related small businesses have staying power.

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Renewal rewards

Government facilities often renew their travel talent and contract workers at higher rates than other settings.

Every patient counts

Why do 75%+ of SHC Correctional Nursing and Government Services professionals recommend SHC as an employer? We’re one of the few staffing companies with a division entirely focused on these settings. Let a true specialist match your caring to employers and patients that are frequently among the most grateful.

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My recruiter is amazing. This is my first travel assignment, and I feel like this may be my new career path, in part because of how I’ve been treated by my recruiter.
Cory C., Correctional Travel Nurse

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We’re placing healthcare professionals across the country in correctional nurse jobs and governmental assignments.
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Shortcuts to Success

How do you keep growing your care-giving skills so that new and rewarding opportunities follow? SHC provides a range of helpful tools and pathways to knowledge. And there’s always an expert ready to answer a question as well.

Refer a Friend

Help someone you know benefit from SHC’s support and you’ll not only strengthen a friendship, you’ll add to your pocketbook.

SHC’s Share the Care program is the most dynamic, profitable referral program in the industry, with rewards of up to $2,000 per referral or the choice of residual payments!

Find out how easy it is to add to the rewards of choosing SHC to help grow your career.

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