A diverse group of healthcare professionals gathered around a computer in a meeting, discussing strategies for streamlined services.
A diverse group of healthcare professionals gathered around a computer in a meeting, discussing strategies for streamlined services.

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Tech-Enabled Workforce Solutions for the Future

Customized solutions designed to address your workforce challenges in behavioral health, education, and healthcare services

Supplemental Health Care is a leading provider of tech-enabled workforce solutions designed to serve providers of behavioral health, education, and healthcare services. From traditional staffing solutions to full scale MSPs and Direct Sourcing programs, SHC can help your organization plan and execute a workforce strategy to improve staff coverage and manage costs while still ensuring high-quality care.

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Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

for Behavioral Health, Education, and Healthcare Services

Designing a workforce strategy requires the right data, expertise, and tools. SHC offers a full suite of tech-enabled workforce solutions that can be customized to address the unique hiring needs and financial situation of your organization. With millions of data points driving every decision, SHC is committed to providing world-class support for all of our partners.

MSP Program

Direct Sourcing

Float Pool & Gig Worker Management

EOR Payrolling Services

AI and Data Analytics Services

Workforce Advisory Services

Managed Service

Provider Program

Streamlining Staffing with Precision and Excellence

Our all-encompassing MSP solution is crafted to simplify your staffing operations, guaranteeing the ideal placement of talent exactly when and where it's needed, all the while optimizing costs and ensuring compliance to deliver an exceptional experience. Centered on innovation, excellence, and collaboration, our program provides a tailored approach to accommodate the distinct requirements of your organization.

SHC has retained 90% of all-time MSP partners. Learn more about how we did it.

Direct Sourcing

Local Talent Networks for Behavioral Health, Education, and Healthcare

SHC's Direct Sourcing program offers a tactical approach that enables organizations in the healthcare, education, and behavioral health sectors to directly attract and retain premier talent from within their own communities. This service combines our deep industry knowledge and advanced technology to build a strong network of local professionals tailored to our partners' frequent staffing needs, thereby cutting expenses and securing a steady flow of prospective candidates.

Float Pool, Substitute, and

Gig Worker Management

Supporting Healthcare, Schools, and Behavioral Health

Our Float Pool, Substitute, and Gig Worker Management offering helps providers of healthcare, education, and behavioral health services connect with dependable and adaptable staff, maintaining a ready supply of highly-skilled professionals that are available to fill in as necessary. Perfect for handling fluctuating staffing demands, this service is adept at accommodating unforeseen absences while upholding unwavering standards of care.

Employer of Record

Payrolling Services

Simplified Staff Management and Legal Compliance

Our Employer of Record (EOR) Payrolling Services serve as the formal employer for your temproary staff, taking on all employment-related legal duties, from handling payroll, managing tax deductions, administering employee benefits, to ensuring adherence to employment legislation. This service is perfectly suited for employers that engage temporary workers, independent contractors, or part-time staff and wish to alleviate the administrative load and financial overhead of overseeing this intricate segment of their workforce.

AI and Data

Analytics Services

enhancing Decisions Through Data Intelligence

Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated data analytics, SHC WeConnect sifts through millions of data points to identify patterns, forecast staffing demands, and refine the allocation of workforce resources. Incorporating these cutting-edge technologies into our workforce solutions empowers our partners to proactively manage their staffing needs with precision, guaranteeing that quality of care remains at the forefront of their operations.

Workforce Advisory Services

Expert Planning for Superior Care

SHC aids organizations within the healthcare, education, and behavioral health sectors in crafting and executing strategic workforce plans that are in harmony with their long-term aspirations and targets. This encompasses evaluating the present skills of the workforce, anticipating future staffing needs, and pinpointing any shortfalls to guarantee an apt blend of expertise and abilities is on hand to fulfill the requirements of patient care.

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1. Talent Mobile App
Empowering healthcare and school professionals to grow and thrive in their careers with SHC.

2. Workforce Solutions
SHC offers best-in-class solutions for supporting healthcare and school hiring needs, from contract to full-scale MSPs, and our customized Direct Sourcing platform.

3. Custom ATS & Back Office
From the first contact to the 10th renewal, SHC’s proprietary applicant track system (ATS) and tech stack combine human touch, high-tech, and 40 years of healthcare hiring expertise.

4. AI & Data Intelligence
Real-time engagement and labor dynamics are at the core of SHC’s strategy, tools, and support for our partners.

5. World-Class Experience
SHC continually improves to better support our partners, earning the Best of Staffing® designation for the 7th year in a row in 2024.

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