A diverse group of medical professionals smiling, with a female doctor in the foreground.
A diverse group of medical professionals smiling, with a female doctor in the foreground.

Workforce Solutions:
Float Pool & Gig Worker Management

Float Pool & Gig Worker  Management

Support staffing levels with highly qualified professionals - ready when you need them

Supplemental Health Care's (SHC) float pool and gig worker management solutions are expertly designed to empower employers with a strong pool of qualified candidates, ready to meet immediate and critical staffing needs within their facilities. In the dynamic sectors of healthcare and education, where these roles are recognized as PRN and substitute positions respectively, our services stand as a cornerstone for enhancing internal staffing capabilities, accommodating census variations, minimizing dependence on long-term contracts for temporary demands, and streamlining the recruitment process.


Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, SHC excels in identifying, engaging, credentialing, and deploying top-tier professionals perfectly aligned with our clients' ongoing needs. This approach not only ensures that staffing levels are optimized but also guarantees the availability of necessary skills to uphold patient care and educational standards under any circumstances. Our float pool and gig worker management solutions are the key to maintaining operational continuity and excellence, providing a strategic edge in managing workforce challenges with efficiency and agility.

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Float Pool & Gig Worker Management  Features

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Utilizing proprietary AI and data intelligence tools, SHC precisely matches candidates to client needs based on qualifications, experience, and specific skill sets required for the role. This ensures a perfect fit for every assignment, enhancing the quality of care provided.

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1. Talent Mobile App
Empowering healthcare and school professionals to grow and thrive in their careers with SHC.

2. Workforce Solutions
SHC offers best-in-class solutions for supporting healthcare and school hiring needs, from contract to full-scale MSPs, and our customized Direct Sourcing platform.

3. Custom ATS & Back Office
From the first contact to the 10th renewal, SHC’s proprietary applicant track system (ATS) and tech stack combine human touch, high-tech, and 40 years of healthcare hiring expertise.

4. AI & Data Intelligence
Real-time engagement and labor dynamics are at the core of SHC’s strategy, tools, and support for our partners.

5. World-Class Experience
SHC continually improves to better support our partners, earning the Best of Staffing® designation for the 7th year in a row in 2024.

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Float Pool and Gig Worker Management  For Today and the Future

Our float pool and gig worker management solutions are a critical component of an effective workforce strategy in the modern labor marketplace. Tailored for healthcare and educational facilities, these solutions are engineered to meet critical and urgent staffing needs with precision and agility. By harnessing the power of advanced technology and leveraging a comprehensive vetting process, we ensure a seamless match between high-caliber professionals and the facilities that need them most.

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