African american woman using a smartphone with graphics about technology and hiring visible in the foreground.
African american woman using a smartphone with graphics about technology and hiring visible in the foreground.

SHC WeConnect Tech Stack

The SHC WeConnect Tech Stack

A High-Tech Platform Built for Human Connection

SHC WeConnect is our proprietary tech stack, designed for the dynamic fields of healthcare, education, and behavioral health. SHC WeConnect is a comprehensive suite of fully integrated tools, platforms, and data solutions, crafted to revolutionize the way modern hiring operates. With proprietary platforms and technologies developed for the complexities of supporting over 100 skill sets across healthcare, education, and behavioral health, SHC WeConnect offers a secure and intelligent infrastructure to empower better workforce engagement.

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A dedicated workforce mobile app that supports professionals throughout their employment journey — from initial application through every renewal. This intuitive platform allows candidates to search for jobs, receive real-time updates on their submission status, manage assignments, upload compliance documents, and stay informed about new opportunities perfectly matched to their preferences.

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The Future of Workforce Solutions

SHC WeConnect is more than just a technology stack; it's a transformative ecosystem that redefines the recruitment landscape for healthcare, education, and behavioral health staffing. By integrating sophisticated technology with deep industry insights, SHC WeConnect ensures that both talent and clients navigate the hiring process with unmatched ease and efficiency.

From the personalized journey offered by the talent mobile app to the strategic depth of our workforce solutions, and the precision of our proprietary applicant tracking system, augmented by the power of AI and data intelligence, every aspect of SHC WeConnect is designed to elevate the staffing experience to unparalleled heights. As we continue to invest in and refine our technology and services, our tech stack empowers our partners in healthcare, education, and behavioral health with the tools, insights, and support needed to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce landscape.


Explore the possibilities with SHC WeConnect and join us in shaping the future of staffing, where technology meets human touch to create a world-class experience for all.

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