North Carolina is a Great Option for Travel Nurses! Here’s Why…

North Carolina is a great travel nursing destination and offers a wide range of jobs, from working in urban hospitals to rural clinics. And the state is more diverse than you would expect. As a travel nurse, you can enjoy backpacking and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains or picturesque beaches and quaint towns in the Outer Banks.

There’s so much to see and do, it really has it all – beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife, and a rich history. It’s no wonder that travel nurses are increasingly choosing to work in North Carolina, you’re sure to find the perfect travel nursing position for your skills and experience.

Destination Highlights

North Carolina is a beautiful state with plenty to offer Working Tourists and residents alike. This state is known for its history, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. Here are some fun facts about NC for travel nurses considering working in the state.


North Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies. It was founded in 1663 and in 1789, it became the 12th state to ratify the United States Constitution. The Wright brothers made their historic first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903 literally launching the world of aviation.

Education and innovation continue in the first state-supported university in the United States (UNC-Chapel Hill), as well as the first public library (Raleigh Public Library). These two areas make up two points on the famous Research Triangle.

Research Triangle

The Research Triangle is one of the most important research and development hubs in the United States. Located in North Carolina, the Triangle is home to three major research universities: Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University. These institutions are joined by a number of smaller colleges and universities, as well as a growing number of tech companies and startups.

Cost of Living

North Carolina is one of the leading states for travel nurses. This is due to the state’s high quality of life and low cost of living. The cost of living in North Carolina is below the national average while the benefits of enjoying such a diverse state are “through the roof.”

Best Travel Nursing Locations

North Carolina is a wide and diverse state ranging from mountains to the piedmont and meeting the Atlantic Ocean on the Outer Banks. Each of its cities is unique, thriving, and fascinating. Here are a few general breakdowns to help you narrow your search. A few of the best locations for travel nurse assignments are:


  • This vibrant city is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, and it boasts beautiful scenery, a thriving arts and music scene, and a laid-back vibe that makes it the perfect place to relax and recharge after a long shift. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. And when you need a break from all the fresh air, you can check out one of the city’s many breweries or art galleries.


  • This charming town is located in the heart of the state, just a short drive from Raleigh. The area is known for its stunning fall foliage and riveting history. The town is home to the historic Old Granite Quarry, which was once one of the largest in the world. There’s also the Dorothea Dix Hospital Museum, which tells the story of this former psychiatric hospital that once housed more than 7,000 patients.

Chapel Hill

  • This lively small town is home to the University of North Carolina, and its lively downtown area offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. There are also plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the mild climate, with hiking trails, golf courses, and biking paths nearby. And for history buffs, there’s a wealth of options, from the UNC campus to the Morehead Planetarium.


  • Durham offers loads of opportunities for medical professionals, from world-class hospitals like Duke University Hospital to research facilities. In addition, its central location makes it the perfect travel nursing destination. Durham is also a dynamic and exciting college town, with a historic downtown and lively nightlife, there’s always something to do.


  • Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the second largest city in the state. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Raleigh is home to a number of hospitals and medical facilities, making it a popular destination for travel nurses. The city also offers a variety of attractions, including museums, parks, and historical sites.


  • Known as the “Queen City,” Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. It is home to the Levine Museum of the New South, which explores Southern post–Civil War history, and hands-on science displays at Discovery Place. Charlotte is also known for its stunning architecture and historical landmarks as well as its thrilling nightlife and delicious dining.


  • With a population of just over 200,000, it’s large enough to offer plenty of amenities and activities, but small enough to feel like home. From live music and theater to museums and art galleries, there’s something for everyone Fayetteville’s proximity to Raleigh, the Research Triangle and Fort Bragg, a major military installation, make it a great place to live and work.


  • Wilmington, North Carolina is the perfect place for beautiful scenery and exciting opportunities. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, Wilmington is known for its stunning beaches, historic downtown district, and vibrant arts scene. The city is also home to a number of hospitals and healthcare facilities, making it a great choice for travel nurses.

Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC)

If you are a travel nurse, North Carolina is the perfect destination to explore. In addition to being a beautiful and diverse state with a vast variety of settings, North Carolina is a Compact state in the eNLC as well. Compact states have an agreement that allows nurses to have one compact state nursing license giving them the ability to practice in other states that are part of the agreement.

Travel Nursing in NC

Travel nursing is a great way to see the country while taking your career to the next level. North Carolina is a beautiful state with a lot to offer travel nurses looking for their next assignment. If you have a compact state nursing license, pack your bags and get ready for takeoff to the state that is “First in Flight!” Contact our expert recruiting team to learn more about travel nursing in NC and across the country.