The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Nurse on Your List

Nurses work all year long caring for others. With long hours, unpredictable schedules, and jobs that take a major toll on mental health, nursing means constantly giving. This holiday season, it’s important to take the time to give back to the nurses who provide daily care to patients of all kinds. 

From a practical gift that will make their everyday life easier to something to help them relax during their downtime, this blog post has plenty of options to find that perfect present for every nurse in your life. From personalized stethoscopes to comfortable shoes for long shifts, discover the best holiday gifts that are sure to bring a smile to nurses’ faces. 

Practical and Useful Gift Ideas

Want to make a nurse’s life a little bit easier? Here are some of our favorite practical gifts this season.

  • A shoe bag: Water-resistant and oh-so-convenient, a shoe bag is a perfect gift for a nurse who has a particular pair of shoes for shifts. With lots of colors to choose from, reviews rave about the quality and size of these portable shoe bags. 
  • A medical tools carrying case: Another way to keep nurses organized, this carrying case is lightweight, durable, and shockproof (for the inevitable drop on the floor). Thousands of healthcare professionals love this little bag, which is easy to carry on its own or fit in a bag. 
  • Comfortable work shoes: Your feet are what get you places; to work, to have fun, and back home again. Despite that, they’re often neglected. Nurses are especially prone to sore feet after a long day. Check out these shoe brands to find the best fit for nurses’ feet. 
  • Compression socks: Speaking of feet — compression socks are great for nurses to help alleviate pain and increase circulation. There are lots of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Personalized Gifts for Any Nurse

Love to personalize your gifts? There are so many fun options that nurses love! Here are some of our top personalized gifts for a specialized touch.

  • A stethoscope: Choose from several options and pick up one of these personalized stethoscopes with head or tube engraving. Made of quality materials to last an entire nursing career. The only problem will be choosing from all the beautiful colors!
  • Stethoscope name tag: Does your nurse already have a stethoscope they love? Then just grab them a name tag! Made of quality copper, you can engrave a nurse’s name on it and all they have to do is slip it on their stethoscope. 
  • A nurse sweatshirt: Made from a cotton/poly blend, this sweatshirt is comfy and cozy — perfect for any nursing professional. The best part: Operation Happy Nurse is a nonprofit organization with the mission to support nurses through work-related stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • A tumbler with a straw: Oh-so-cute and equally practical, this tumbler is laser engraved with your choice of personalization that will make any nurse smile when they take a sip. The stainless steel makes it BPA-free and shatterproof, so it will last a long time. 

Tech Gadgets for the Modern Nurse

Have a tech-savvy nurse or one who wants to be more in the know? Here are some fun and chic tech gadgets for the modern nurse:

  1. A portable printer: Small enough to take on the road and yet connected with a Wifi and chargeable via a USB port, these mobile printers are perfect for nurses who need to scan and fax. They fold easily to tuck into bags or luggage — a perfect solution for travel nurses on the go!
  2. A tracking device: Since nurses are always on the move, it’s easy to misplace important items such as keys and phones (especially after a particularly crazy shift). A tracking device such as an Apple AirTag is a great way to help a busy nurse keep track of their stuff. 
  3. An LED wearable light: Working nights can be tough — nurses want to keep the room dark so patients can sleep, but need the light to get their work done. This is a great hands-free light to help out. 
  4. A smart language translator: This handy palm-sized device will help you speak, in real-time, in one of 36 different languages! If your favorite nurse works in a hospital that serves diverse populations, this could bring a smile — and a huge sigh of relief. 

Self-Care Gifts for Nurses to Recharge

Long shifts when you’re always on your feet helping others — there are many parts of the job that exhaust nurses. Gifts meant to help you relax and unwind are perfect for nurses this holiday season. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  1. What Do You Meme? Nurse’s Edition: This isn’t your typical self-care gift, but this one is sure to give a nurse life’s best medicine: laughter. This game is great for a work holiday party or getting all your nursing coworkers over and a fun way to show you care
  2. Therapy dough: Easy to tuck in a pocket or purse, this aromatherapy stress-relieving putty is perfect to take on a long shift to help alleviate stress and anxiety. With lots of scents to choose from, this will help enhance mood and focus. 
  3. A time-tracking water bottle: Hydration is key, whether you’re a nurse or not. After a long day or a busy shift, it’s especially important. This tracking water bottle helps you keep track of how much water you’re drinking to stay healthy and hydrated (bonus: it’s covered in encouraging words, too!).
  4. A de-stress gift set: A little set of aromatherapy self-care tools is just what the doctor ordered. Two types of bath soaks, a pillow mist, and a headache roller will help encourage relaxation for nurses after a long shift.

Affordable and Budget-Friendly Options

On a tight budget or looking for stocking stuffers? These smaller nurse gifts are affordable and the perfect solution!

  • A nurse’s keychain: This adorable keychain is the perfect stocking stuffer or little gift to give your favorite nurse. With a sweet and sentimental tag, they’re sure to feel your love every time they pull out their keys. 
  • A notepad and pen set — nurse style: Need to jot down a note or two? This die-cut pad with a cute pen is perfect for a nurse to keep in their purse or on the refrigerator.  
  • Syringe pens: Perfect for giving to your nurse colleagues, these syringe pens will bring a laugh and a smile every time. With 24 in a pack and several colors available, these are perfect to leave on any healthcare professional’s desk for a fun holiday surprise. (Bonus — if they work in pediatrics, it’ll make their patients smile, too!). 
  • Nursing stickers: Grab one or two (or ten) of these healthcare-focused stickers for any nurse or healthcare professional. They can stick them on a water bottle, a notebook, or even a computer. You can support small businesses by purchasing stickers through Etsy

Gift Giving for Nurses

Nurses deserve to receive as much as they give. So, this holiday season be sure to show your love and appreciation for every nurse in your life. And don’t forget to add a few of these items to your own holiday wish list too!

It’s important to remember that gifts for nurses don’t have to be big or grand — every gesture is meaningful and shows you care. The thought you put into your gift will matter the most and whatever present you choose is sure to brighten up any nurse’s holidays.

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