Care More Spotlight: Caring Through Connections

When Gabrielle was 18 years old, she began working with individuals with disabilities as a direct support professional (DSP). As a DSP, your typical workday touches upon many facets of healthcare, from ensuring that those under your care receive their medications to assisting them with daily living skills, cooking meals, transporting them to appointments, and sometimes just being there to listen.

From the beginning, Gabrielle was drawn to the interpersonal connections she had with those under her care, leading to her pursuit of a nursing career. “You’re the person they see every day, so you form connections with them,” she explains. “This made me want to become a nurse so I could help more and understand what we could do for our patients and why!”

Gabrielle first became a certified nursing assistant, then a certified pharmacy tech, and is now a licensed practical nurse. Learning multiple disciplines has provided Gabrielle with broad knowledge and experiences that give her confidence in her role as a nurse and direct support professional.

“I love getting back to my roots of being a DSP for my community while having the knowledge I have gained as a nurse to help me provide the best care I can give,” she shared.

Gabrielle is currently assigned to a group home where her quick thinking and nursing skills recently helped her save a resident’s life. During dinner time, she was assisting a resident when another staff person alerted her that someone was choking. Gabrielle sprang into action to find the woman unable to breathe.

She immediately began performing abdominal thrusts and was quickly able to dislodge the piece of food causing the blockage. While terrified at the moment, Gabrielle realized that she was well-prepared to handle the situation and able to do whatever was necessary to stop the resident from choking.

The director of the facility reached out to Supplemental Health Care with a note to recognize Gabrielle’s actions: “I was so incredibly grateful that Gabby was on shift that night! I’m sure in the nursing world, saving lives happens all the time – but it’s not a daily occurrence in most group home settings.”

Although Gabrielle has only been with Supplemental Health Care for a short time, her impact has been immeasurable and has earned her the Care More Spotlight award. In further demonstrating her indomitable Care More spirit, Gabrielle shared her thoughts about what motivates her to go above and beyond.

“I feel motivated by the people I take care of, to give them the best care I can possibly give,” she explains. “I feel equally motivated by the great nurses around me in my past and present who gave me the tools and support to succeed.”

Gabrielle credits her recruiter, Elliot, for setting up her current assignment and ensuring she feels comfortable and supported. “I am so incredibly grateful for many aspects of working with SHC!,” she shared. “My schedule and income have given me the freedom to have a really beautiful work/life balance. It’s the best decision I have made in my career.”

Nurses and healthcare professionals across all disciplines can experience the same benefits that Gabrielle has been grateful for since coming to Supplemental Health Care. Our team is always looking to connect more caring professionals to rewarding career paths. Check out our job search portal or contact our team to learn more about the SHC difference.

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