Care More Spotlight: Treating Cancer Patients Like Family

Aichan Mitsuhashi-Acs, a chemo infusion RN, has been with Supplemental Health Care for two years but can already be described as the embodiment of the company culture of creating connections that fuel miracles. Her recruiter, Julianne, further describes the qualities that have earned Aichan a Daisy Award nomination and SHC’s Heart of Caring Award.

“Aichan is an amazing nurse who consistently receives praise from her patients. She is always pleasant to speak with; if I or a family member ever needed treatment, I would want her to be my nurse. I know she has a heart of gold.”

Like so many nurses, Aichan was called to her profession based on personal experience. Her father had cancer, and after his passing, she felt deep gratitude for the caregivers that made a difference for him and her whole family. That situation ignited her desire to learn as much as possible from the experience and give back to those struggling with similar circumstances.

“No one plans to get cancer, and it can turn your life upside down in an instant,” she explains when discussing her motivations. “Cancer does not discriminate and affects people from all walks of life. I strive to be the person that people can turn to when they feel overwhelmed and scared.”

Having that level of empathy for her patients makes a lasting impression on those going through the difficult challenge of cancer treatment. In a Daisy Award nomination letter, one patient described how much Aichan’s care meant to her.

Her constant attention to my needs during my cancer treatment gave me peace, comfort, and encouragement… I felt like she was helping me as if I was a member of her family… She is extraordinarily professional, attentive, and caring.

Another patient singled out Aichan and her colleagues in the infusion center in a recent patient survey. “Staff in the infusion center are fantastic!! Everyone is friendly… They make you feel at ease and truly care about you!!”

Aichan feels a deep sense of gratitude for being able to provide comfort and brighten her patients’ spirits while going through cancer treatment. She has done an amazing job offering compassionate care for individuals as if they were her own loved ones.

“I love having the opportunity to make a difference in our patients’ lives,” she explains. “I am so privileged to work in such a rewarding field where I can come home feeling like I made a difference for someone. I truly enjoy the work I get to do.”

At Supplemental Health Care, we believe in the power of caring, and Aichan demonstrates that through her daily actions with this Care More Spotlight. Our team is so proud to work with Aichan and other incredible nurses like her every day to help fuel miraculous moments in patient care.

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