Care More Spotlight: When Nursing is Your Calling

Like many nurses, Michelle Cureton didn’t just decide to become a nurse, she was called to the profession through her life experiences.  After giving birth to her daughter, Bria, Michelle was struck by how amazing her labor & delivery nurses were during that time.  However, what was originally thought to have been a perfect birth experience, took a turn a few days later.  On her third day home from the hospital, Michelle received a call from staff at the hospital to inform her that her daughter was afflicted with Sickle Cell Anemia.

That phone call triggered a healthcare journey for Michelle and her daughter that would become like a wild roller coaster ride.  Sometimes everything was smooth, and other times the ride was bumpy.

“By now, I have seen the good and the bad in nursing care,” Michelle explains. “But it was that original journey that sparked my whole desire to become a Registered Nurse.”

Michelle has been an RN for more than 2½ years, working in hospitals in the Emergency Department.  Her passion for making a positive impact on her patients is evident in everything she does.

“I love solving the mystery of what is causing my patient’s pain,” she says. “What is the pathophysiology of what is going on and how everything is connected?”

While working in the ER, Michelle has not had an opportunity to care for many cancer patients, but it was there that she found out just how many people are affected by cancer every day.  It happened when a newly diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer patient came to the ER.  Michelle cared for her initially, but after she was admitted, Michelle went up to her room to visit. While taking an opportunity to drop in when she could, Michelle found out that one of the hospital’s Respiratory Therapists was a 20-year cancer survivor and another nurse had just received a cancer diagnosis.  Michelle was moved by how so many were dealing with cancer.

One day, while visiting the stage 4 cancer patient, she learned that her biggest fear about having cancer was losing her hair.  Michelle told her not to worry and that after her shift that day, she was going to shave her head bald in support of cancer patients.  The next day, with a freshly shaved head, Michelle went up to visit her former patient and show her support.  Needless to say, the emotional response was overwhelming and has motivated Michelle to continue “rocking” her bald head in support!

According to Michelle, going above and beyond is what most nurses automatically do for their patients.  She is a shining example of how much compassion, caring, and respect can mean to someone who is dealing with difficult health challenges.

We at Supplemental Health Care are proud to have Michelle as a member of our team and congratulate her on being part of the SHC Care More Spotlight!

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