Care More Spotlight: Showing Others Their Strength

Since 1999, the Daisy Award has served as a way to recognize nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty for their patients. While some nurses may shrug off extra recognition by modestly claiming “I was just doing my job,” receiving a Daisy Award nomination is an important statement about the incredible care and compassion provided by our nurses.
Sherrise has been a registered nurse since 2009, working mostly in medical surgical units. She began working as a local contract nurse for Supplemental Health Care in August of 2020 and has floated between several drug and alcohol rehab facilities. These assignments have Sherrise working very closely with patients experiencing their most vulnerable moments, and many at a critical juncture in their lives. Her work with one of these patients led Sherrise to her Daisy Award nomination.

A patient was admitted to a rehab addiction recovery unit and found herself under Sherrise’s nursing care. In her nomination letter, the patient described the impact Sherrise had on her recovery.

“Sherrise was my initial nurse when I arrived at the facility and was admitted to the detox unit. She was so warm and welcoming that it felt like I was arriving at home. On my second night, reality started hitting me very hard. I was depressed and lonely and felt so sad that I lost sight of why I had come to this program in the first place. I had decided that I was going to leave detox and give up on the program.

When Sherrise came into my room to check on me and give me my medicine, she instinctively knew that something was wrong. She pulled up a chair next to my bed and told me that she was there for me if I wanted to talk or if there was anything I needed to help me feel better. Then she asked me if I wanted a hug.

As she hugged me, Sherrise told me that I was in the right place and making the right choice for myself and my baby. She reassured me that my negative feelings were temporary and that I was strong enough to make it through the pain I was feeling.

Sherrise made me feel like I had known her my whole life, and without her support, kindness, and love, I would have left detox and probably never would have gotten clean and sober. I can happily say her caring so much about me and my unborn baby that night has given me a second chance at life. Merely thanking her falls severely short of the gratitude I feel for what she did for me!”

Upon learning of her nomination, Sherrise instead talked about the strength and courage of the young mother-to-be. “She is such an amazing person and just needed a little reminding about how strong and wonderful she really is,” Sherrise explained.  “I just wanted her to know that she was worth the effort to help herself feel better and for her unborn baby.”

Sherrise credits her mother for inspiring her to become a nurse and for how to properly care for patients. She spoke about how her mom had such a gentle and loving bedside manner whenever she was sick or injured. According to Sherrise, anytime she can help her patients feel better in mind and body, and help them have a better day, then that is all she needs to have a great day herself.

Supplemental Health Care is proud to have inspirational nurses like Sherrise demonstrate the Care More commitment to those we serve. If you are like-minded and looking for a new opportunity, Supplemental Health Care has positions available across all specialties and care settings. Contact our recruitment team today to learn more!

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