A Holiday Message of Hope

This time of year invites reflection, and that’s truer this year than for almost any I can remember. When we began 2021, our nation was in one of the most difficult periods of the COVID-19 pandemic, our national political systems were being tested, and families across the country were facing all kinds of uncertainty.

It’s disappointing that some of those challenges aren’t over yet, but I’m thankful that things are at least better. And amidst headlines about retirements, employment pressure, and all of the challenges of the marketplace, we also know that tens of thousands of dedicated individuals started their new healthcare careers this year by graduating or attaining their license. We have new teachers in our schools, new public health professionals, new first responders, and millions of new parents.

The end of every year is a time for reflection but also a time for hope. And as I reflect on this year, hope is what I feel the most. Our philanthropic support of organizations like Hope Builders, GirlTrek, and Operation Happy Nurse is powering important work that uplifts communities across the U.S., and I know that we’ll have even more opportunities to help more people going forward.

I’m hopeful about the ways we’ve grown as a company: realigning our teams to better support our partners, recommitting ourselves to diversity & equity, innovating with new technology, and driving one of the most rapid periods of growth that SHC has ever seen.

The thousands of healthcare and schools professionals that we support each day give me hope. Hope that in hospitals, schools, patients’ homes, and everywhere else that care is delivered – our impact will be felt in the caring hands of human connection that so often fuel miraculous moments for patients, students, and their families.

And of course, our hundreds of corporate employees sitting coast-to-coast give me hope. I have seen the ways our SHC family faces new challenges, and I have seen the love and support that we offer one another and the external partners that we work with.

In closing, thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for a great year. Thank you for committing yourselves not only to excellence but also to compassion and care. Thank you for helping this company become everything that it should be and for sending us into a very hopeful new year.