Care More Spotlight: From Caring LPN to RN

Beth Stiver, LPN, has been in healthcare for eight years and is in the process of becoming a registered nurse. She chose nursing because of her lifelong passion for helping others and was recently honored with a Daisy Award for providing outstanding care to a patient.

In the Daisy Award nomination, the patient cited Beth for providing great care and helping her resolve some administrative issues with the hospital. She also made it a point to describe Beth as kind and informative. While this particular patient interaction earned Beth recognition, she takes great pride in going above and beyond in providing care on a regular basis.

“The most motivating factor for me is the difference I make in someone else’s life,” she explains. “The advocacy I provide for my patients to ensure they are receiving top-quality care is what brings me to continue to do this!”

Beth’s recruiter, James, recently nominated her for the Care More Spotlight, referencing her Daisy Award, but expounding on the many other reasons Beth deserves this recognition.

“Beth treats each individual patient the same, ensuring everyone gets the same experience from start to finish. Beth learns from a challenge and adapts fast while working in high-stress situations. Beth has a proactive approach to staying one step ahead of any issues that may arise and has a love and passion for the work she does.”

When asked what she loves most about her job, Beth once again focused on her patients, “I love the interaction with my patients and their families. I enjoy caring for them in their time of need and making a difference in their care.”

One of the qualities of a great nurse is empathy, which Beth has in abundance. She realizes that no one wants to be in a hospital waiting room, sometimes for long periods of time.

Her approach is to always apply active listening skills to fully understand each individual patient’s needs. Beth’s goal is to ensure that everything can be resolved as efficiently as possible to help relieve the stress on her patients. She believes that attitude allows her to always be a little bit of sunshine in each patient’s day.

Beth has been a part of the Supplemental Health Care family for almost a year. Upon learning her recruiter had nominated her for Supplemental’s Care More Spotlight, she was quick to recognize his efforts in supporting her.

“My recruiter has been my lifeline through stressful situations and cheering me on to reach my goal as a registered nurse,” she explained. “James has truly gone above and beyond for me!”

Beth’s skills, experience, and attitude as an LPN are clearly the building blocks that will make her a highly successful RN. Congratulations to Beth on her Daisy Award nomination and Care More Spotlight award! We are proud to have her on our team.

If you want to learn more about how you can join the Supplemental Health Care team, contact us to get started! We have local and travel opportunities for LPNs and RNs across the country.

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