Manage Your Staffing with an MSP Program

Managing a workforce of hundreds of talented healthcare professionals can be extremely challenging. These programs are complex and time consuming. Throughout the year, demand for various healthcare professionals can ebb and flow. Seasonal spikes, life changes for staff members, and surprises like a global pandemic can cause shifts to staffing needs.

What is an MSP?

Many facilities turn to MSP Staffing (i.e. managed service provider program) to help procure and maintain temporary staff to simplify the staffing process. An MSP is a specialized agency that manages the temporary workforce of a client company by managing its preferred staffing agencies.

Clients can utilize MSP Staffing for a wide variety of roles. The first focus is on the procurement of employees. However, many MSPs also provide human resource services including conflict resolution, performance reviews, and more.

What are the benefits of MSP Staffing?

Facilities utilize MSPs for many reasons. Some are looking for top talent, quicker fill rates, consolidated invoicing, market expertise, or a vendor management system (VMS). Whatever the need, an MSP can be the perfect healthcare staffing solution.

Enhanced Access

The first thing an MSP can provide is greater access to top talent. Most agencies have a long list of talent ranging across various disciplines and specialties. These individuals are often utilized regularly because the MSP has confidence in their reliability and capabilities. In the healthcare industry, better staffing equals better patient care.

Enhanced Process

A partnership with an MSP simply makes the staffing process easier. A client no longer has to oversee staffing issues or keep track of what their partner agency is doing. The MSP can act as an integral part of the client’s procurement, HR or other human capital function. It will manage the entire process from procurement through invoicing and payment.

By using a VMS the MSP can give complete visibility into the status of each staff member. This technology can be customized to support strategic decisions. The agency measures key performance indicators and provides documentation.

What are some issues with MSP Staffing?

Most staffing companies overcommit to their accounts as a managed service provider. This often leads to poor service and multiple commitments in a single market. For facilities, that means longer time-to-fill, less engaged vendor partners, and potentially higher hiring costs. Sometimes MSP Staffing may be unable to provide solutions to all the needs of larger organizations based on their size, reach, or geography.

The SHC Difference

Supplemental Health Care is more than a managed service provider, we are a partner in patient care. We utilize over 37 years of experience connecting dedicated healthcare and school professionals with employment everywhere that care is delivered. Whether you need care in hospitals, homes, long-term care, corrections, or schools, we are able to offer our partners exceptional service and value.

At SHC, we carefully develop strategic MSP partners versus a high-volume MSP approach. Our curation allows us to focus on service, cost savings, and patient care without overcommitting locally or regionally. We are loyal to our MSP partners.

A good MSP partnership should simplify staffing processes by providing tailored solutions to their unique needs. We can help streamline hiring, credentialing, and the onboarding processes. Our unmatched service works for our clients as well as our healthcare professionals. We provide better outcomes for attracting the best talent and retaining them, which leads to quality patient care.

Our clients will always have a dedicated partner focused exclusively on their facility’s success. We bring together detailed market insights, proactive planning, customized technologies, and a culture of caring to help deliver better outcomes. Learn more about our MSP program and contact us today.