How to Support Family Literacy at Home

Parents, caregivers, and school professionals can support children’s literacy development. Family literacy has been shown to have a positive impact on a child’s academic performance, self-esteem, and motivation in school and beyond. By making literacy a part of daily life, families can help their children create a love for literacy that will last a lifetime.

Family literacy is the term used to describe the ways in which families support and promote literacy skills in their children. It can include members of the whole family including mothers, fathers, parental guardians, grandparents, siblings, and extended family members. This approach recognizes that all family members, including parents and caregivers, have a role to play in a child’s literacy development.

Promoting Literacy as a Family

There are many ways to encourage family literacy. Some ways include reading aloud as a family, talking about your favorite stories, and visiting the library together. Families can also make literacy a part of their daily routine by reading a newspaper or magazine together, or by researching a topic of interest online.

When promoting family literacy, it is important to keep in mind that every family is different. Some families may be more interested in reading books or writing stories together, while others may be more drawn to other interactive activities. It is important to find an approach that is enjoyable for the whole family.

10 Fun Family Literacy Activities

For Family Literacy Day, we’ve compiled a few ideas for family literacy activities from Dr. Kelly Byrd and her nonprofit, Love for Literacy, to share with families and school professionals. Check out this list that goes beyond just reading and writing. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

  1. Make an acrostic picture
  2. Play charades
  3. Follow a yummy recipe
  4. Alphabetize a grocery list
  5. Write a song about a loved one or fun event
  6. Read a story to a family member or friend
  7. Draw a picture and make up a funny story
  8. Pretend you are an actor or actress in your favorite movie
  9. Participate in an ABC scavenger hunt
  10. Create a game that you can teach someone

Celebrate Family Literacy

By participating in fun literacy activities that involve the whole family, kids can get excited about literacy and are more likely to enjoy the process. The benefits of family literacy can also include improved communication and bonding, increased academic success, and stronger relationships.

When families are involved in their children’s literacy development, they can help promote lifelong learning and a love for literacy. If you’re looking for other ways to support family literacy, there are many resources available to help you get started. Visit for more information.