Care More Spotlight: Taking Initiative to Care More

Every student is different and some require individualized care from a school nurse. No one understands that better than Ashley Watkins, LPN. Ashley has supported students for 20 years and to her, no matter what it takes, she will make sure that she is doing everything in her power to support those under her care and help them succeed.

Evidence of Ashley’s ‘Care More’ attitude has been on display at her current school nursing assignment with Supplemental Health Care. She is working at a small private school and has a student with a rare diagnosis under her care. To ensure that she provided this student with the best care possible, Ashley took the initiative to enroll in an online training class to help her understand and support the child’s condition better.

In addition to the online coursework, Ashley communicated with the student’s parents and physician to ensure she was aware of all aspects of the student’s needs. She also wanted to raise awareness about the condition and help everyone understand what to look for and when to contact her for emergencies or assistance.

Once Ashley felt that she had gathered enough information, she conducted an informational session with the teachers and staff at the school. This dedication made quite an impression on faculty and the school’s principal.

“Ashley has been a great addition to our community,” she shared. “Recently, Ashley wanted to learn more about a medical diagnosis of one of our students. On her own, she completed professional development in order to support our students and staff better.”

For going the extra mile for her students, Ashley is being recognized with Supplemental Health Care’s Care More Spotlight award. SHC’s client services director for the school, Cathy, nominated Ashley and highlighted that she goes above and beyond to ensure her students receive the absolute best care.

When asked about her nomination and Care More award, Ashley reflected on always having a passion for caring for others. “I love to see a positive outcome and to know that I can make a difference!” she said.

Ashley has also enjoyed working with SHC for the past year and shared, “SHC is an all-around great company. I have never worked for a company that values their employees as much as SHC does. Thank you for caring!!”

Thank YOU, Ashley, for embodying the ‘Care More’ spirit and being passionate about our Culture of Caring for your students. We are proud of you and grateful to have you on our team.

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