Care More Moment: Marissa Southards

Our new Care More Moments recognition program is focused on telling the Supplemental Health Care story through moments that truly embody our Worry Less, Care More values. We know there are so many great stories from our day-to-day interactions with healthcare professionals, clinicians, managers, and peers, along with the amazing ways our employees give back to their communities, and we want to share them with you. We have monthly award winners based on employee nominations, and a quarterly award winner as well.

Marissa Southards, our first quarterly award winner, was nominated by her managers Cathy Rigby, Senior Market Manager – St Louis Nursing and Nicole Burleson, Senior RVP – Southeast Region.

Marissa was nominated for going above and beyond to ensure that two of her healthcare professionals were able to get important documents processed in a timely manner. There were unforeseen issues that prevented the documents from being signed electronically, so without hesitation, Marissa jumped in her car to get the paperwork completed manually. By taking decisive action, she demonstrated the teamwork between her and other SHC departments to meet a deadline. Marissa always takes care of her clinicians and allows them to ‘Worry Less, Care More’ by ensuring that they don’t have to face any challenges.

Congratulations Marissa Southards on being the first to win Supplemental Health Care's core value award!

When asked why Marissa loves working for SHC, she said “One of the reasons I came here 8 years ago (pregnant with my 2nd daughter at the time!) was because of the mission of the company – to care about our patients and their families. My education is in healthcare and patient care has always been a big priority for me in my career”. Marissa continues by explaining what “Care More” means to her; “Caring more means going beyond the status quo, really. Whether that be meeting with a client for a time card or talking to one of our healthcare professionals who had a rough shift. It’s taking the time to let our clients and talent know that they are being heard. We may not be able to change the world yet, but we CAN show we care and change that person’s day by exercising our empathy muscle and standing in the shoes of another.

Thank you, Marissa, for going above and beyond to create a “Care More Moment” for our healthcare professionals!