Care More Spotlight: Fueled by Compassion

At Supplemental Health Care, we often hear stories about nurses going above and beyond the call of duty. It’s these inspirational stories that fuel our culture of caring and help us create miraculous moments in healthcare.

Vanessa L., RN is one of those exceptional school nurses that truly cares about her students and coworkers. Although they are her source of inspiration for the work that she does, we also wanted to recognize the inspiration she gives to them as well.

“She was very eager to get out there and help the kids each day,” her nominator and recruiter, Nathan shared. “Her work ethic is unmatched, her communication is great, and her love of nursing is felt. It is a pleasure working with her.”

The Care More Spotlight was awarded to Vanessa for her dedication and compassion to the students she serves. She works as a school nurse who supports high school students with special needs including cognitive delays, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), multiple disabilities, and speech and language delays.

“Every day, I witness the staff provide the utmost compassion,” she says. “Their phenomenal service fuels my day! The school environment is so motivating, and the lectures are filled with patience and direction. The environment gives our students a chance to integrate into a world of independence.”

Vanessa plays a vital role in the school environment but likes to shine the spotlight on those around her. Especially the students, sharing how they are such an inspiration to her and help her smile, even on the busiest days. She also draws motivation from her colleagues and those she works with at SHC.

“Seeing the dedication and commitment others at SHC put into their work every day is truly inspirational. I come from a family of hardworking individuals, so I personally understand the value of putting in extra effort and striving for excellence. It is inspiring to see that same drive in others and it motivates me to do better myself!”

Vanessa’s dedication to her students was on full display during the recent holiday season. It can be a chaotic and challenging time for everyone, and sometimes more so for students with disabilities. But Vanessa and the rest of the staff worked hard to go above and beyond for the students.

“It was incredible to see everyone come together to make the season a little brighter for the kids,” she said. “That is our fuel here at the school! It’s been an honor to be a part of this supportive team that cares for the students so much!”

When discussing her nomination and subsequent award, Vanessa made it a point to call out her recruiter Nathan. She credits him with providing advice, guidance, and support and stated that his mentorship has helped her develop professionally. Vanessa feels humbled and honored to receive the Care More Spotlight and expressed gratitude for having this opportunity to work for SHC. She is looking forward to continuing her career with SHC and making further contributions to her school in the future.

Congratulations to Vanessa on being a Care More Spotlight winner. Thank you for being such a great ambassador for Supplemental Health Care and the thousands of dedicated healthcare and school professionals who are impacting communities all over the country.

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