Housing Options for Travelers: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s time to plan your next assignment around a new city with different restaurants, activities, and places to explore. Now, you’ll need a comfortable living space, a home away from home while you have your adventures. This can be daunting when you don’t know the area and if you aren’t sure how to get started.

Depending on your location, be it in a big city or rural town, there are several ways to approach finding the perfect refuge. Don’t worry – there are many different housing options for travel clinicians. We’ve put together a few suggestions to start you off on the right foot.

Travel Housing Options

City vs Rural Accommodations

Cities are probably one of the easiest places to find temporary housing options. They usually have an abundant supply of extended-stay hotels and Airbnb or VRBO locations. However, more choices can lead to more confusion. Finding housing in a rural location can be a bit more complicated but these areas have their own charm. You might just have to think outside the box a little. These communities don’t necessarily offer the same kind of nightlife as a larger city, but each town has its own unique attractions and personality.

How to Find Housing

It’s important to decide what size space you need during your assignment; are you a minimalist or do you like to bring your ongoing craft projects with you? After you have an idea about space requirements, think about what you are looking for in a lease agreement. There are more options with temporary housing than you might think. A short-term lease makes a lot of sense for travel assignments but subleasing has its advantages too. Month-to-month gives you more flexibility to move around in a city, finding the best location for you.

Don’t forget about furnished versus unfurnished places too. Furnished Finder is a website designed for traveling healthcare professionals that allow hosts in your new area to contact you with open furnished properties. Extended stay hotels can also be a perfect solution for short-term assignments. You don’t have to pay for cable or other amenities, and you have access to laundry facilities. Some people say they can’t go that long without using a working oven but there are a few items you can bring from home to make a kitchen.

Unconventional Housing Options

While rentals are great options, don’t dismiss alternative housing options. RVs are perfect if you know you want to travel for a few years. We recommend a travel trailer you can attach to your vehicle since you will probably need your car on assignment. Many RV parks also have cabins for rent. Cabins can be found in beautiful out-of-the-way places all across the country. These quaint spots are not short on amenities and maintain a rustic feel. They are typically furnished and some even provide complimentary washers and dryers on-premises.

New to the Neighborhood

Not knowing neighborhoods, traffic, or access to public transportation can be frustrating and even a little scary at times. There are a lot of apps out there to help take the mystery out of a new area. RedfinZillow, Trulia, and Walk Score are all easy-to-use apps that give you statistics about various neighborhoods. You can learn how “walkable” a neighborhood is, including information about crime and safety as well as real advice from the locals that live there.

Don’t forget about Facebook as a resource. There are several groups to help travel clinicians find housing. These groups are very active and supportive for clinicians on any side of the travel assignment.

Most people also forget to ask their new manager if they have any suggestions on living arrangements. They may even know of a few staff members that rent to travelers like you. This can be a crucial option if you’re heading to a rural area that doesn’t appear to have much available online. You never know until you ask!


Housing for Travel Nurses

In conclusion, there are a number of housing options available for travel nurses. The best option for each nurse will depend on their individual needs and preferences. Some of the most popular options include renting an apartment, staying in a hotel, or renting a room in a house. To learn more about travel nursing, visit our Travel Nursing page.