Benefits of Working as a School Professional

Working as a healthcare professional in any field is demanding. Sometimes you just need an escape, preferably on a beach, laying in a hammock. A school setting allows nurses and therapists to have their summers free to relax and unwind, or to pick up an interesting travel assignment and become a Working Tourist.

With fall already right around the corner, plan your next assignment in a school so you can plan your next holiday vacation too! There are plenty of job opportunities in school districts across the country. Check out these top reasons to consider working as a school healthcare professional this school year.

Why Work as a School Healthcare Professional

School Schedule and Setting

  • Many healthcare professionals deal with long working hours that can be completely opposite from everyone around them. However, if you work in a school, not only will your summers be free, you’ll be afforded standard working hours as well. This means you won’t have to take the night shift or work weekends, so you can still schedule dinner with friends. School professionals also get to work independently. Making the decisions best suited for your kids instead of working under the direction of doctors or management can be refreshing.

Personal Connections

  • Some healthcare settings can be fatiguing even to the most resilient professional. However, you know that no matter how exhausted you are, that extra effort becomes effortless when you love what you do. Creating a strong bond with your students and their families is a powerful motivator. School professionals can really get to know their students on a personal and social level. One-to-one nursing positions are also available to provide care for children with serious health concerns. Unlike a school clinic nurse, this one-on-one nurse spends the whole day with the same child.


  • As education moves toward specialization, the need for different types of school professionals is also increasing. This means both the number and variety of positions being staffed are continuing to expand. Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and school psychologists can all find placements in a school setting. Students and schools have diverse needs, so there are also needs to staff many specialized clinicians like bilingual nurses, behavioral health specialists, and special education professionals.


  • As a school healthcare professional, there are many opportunities to learn and polish your general knowledge. The position is uniquely suited to lend itself to continuing education. You can easily earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and meet licensure and certification requirements without taking time away from home or work. The standards for CEUs differ from state to state and profession to profession. For example, a speech-language pathologist in Texas will need to meet different requirements than one in Georgia. CEUs can also help set you up for success in a new work environment. A nurse may want to take a course on interprofessional collaboration to understand the best practices of healthcare professionals working in the schools.


Supplemental Health Care facilitates certifications and specializations for existing clinicians who are looking to elevate their skills as well. We take pride in ensuring that our professionals are fully equipped to handle anything students might need.

SHC staffs its school professional employees with an educational model in mind. This means that we understand medical needs and see safety as the number one priority in schools while supporting the student’s educational program. Our Center of Excellence understands the non-clinical chain of command in schools and provides school professionals with resources and trusted advisors that care more.

Moreover, we check in with our professionals weekly. Client service managers consistently maintain communication with their school directors and staffing managers provide support to school healthcare professionals to ensure that the schools and professionals alike are satisfied with their work.

SHC has dozens of locations across the nation, each within 50 miles of the districts we staff. All of our school professionals have complete access to these locations and our office employees live in many of the local school districts we work in! Our local offices host events to aid the community like backpack filling, school supply drives, and much more. We strive to care more like our school professionals do. Our goal is to be the most beloved agency, by schools, school professionals, and communities alike.

Supplemental Health Care offers a wealth of job options in numerous districts throughout the country. You can easily find a job in your discipline and location using our career portal’s job search. Through our extensive contracts across the country, we are able to give you more positions to choose from and greater flexibility in your job search. If you’re a nurse, therapist, or other healthcare professional interested in a set schedule with summers off, or are simply ready to work in a school setting, let Supplemental Health Care help find the right placement for you.

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