The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Summer as a School Healthcare Professional

As the school year comes to an end, many healthcare professionals working in school settings may be wondering what to do with their summer break. While some may choose to take a well-deserved break after a busy school year, others may be looking for summer job opportunities to continue their work and gain some extra income. Flexibility is one of the great benefits of working in schools!

School nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals have many job options available during the summer months, so they can choose to fill your schedule however you want. Here are some types of jobs school-based healthcare professionals should consider:

5 Summer Jobs for School Healthcare Professionals

1. Summer School

One option for school professionals is to work a summer school position. Many districts offer summer school programs, so they will continue to staff positions through those months. You can check with your current school district or look for opportunities in neighboring districts through your recruiter.

These positions can be similar to your usual school-year job, but the hours may be different, and the workload may be lighter. Summer school jobs are ideal for those who want to stay close to home and continue working with students in a familiar setting.

2. Healthcare Settings

Another option is to work in a healthcare setting over the summer. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies all have staffing needs during the summer months. Your discipline and experience will determine the type of setting that is best for you.

For example, a school nurse may find a job in a pediatric unit, while a speech therapist may prefer to work in a hospital rehab department. You’ll be able to use your skills and gain new experiences in a different setting.

3. Travel Assignment

Travel jobs can be a great option for school healthcare professionals who want to explore new places and have more of a “vacation” from the school year. Supplemental Health Care has travel assignments for healthcare professionals across the country that can work for the summer months.

These jobs usually come with some perks like a higher pay rate, housing or travel reimbursement, and the opportunity to have adventures in a new location. You’ll need to be adaptable to change and willing to travel to take advantage of these opportunities.

4. PRN/Per Diem

If you’re looking for more flexibility in your summer job, consider working PRN (as needed) or per diem (daily) contracts for a while. These positions allow you to pick up shifts on an as-needed basis.

You can work as much or as little as you want, and you’re not locked into a long-term commitment. This type of work is ideal for those who want to set their own schedule and have the freedom to take time off when they need it.

5. Summer Camp

Working at a summer camp can be a rewarding experience for healthcare professionals. Not only do you get to work with children and help keep them safe and healthy while they have fun, but you also get to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer months.

Many summer camps hire nurses and those with healthcare experience to provide basic first aid, medication administration, and other health-related services to campers and staff.

Summer Job Options with SHC

School healthcare professionals have many job options during the summer months. It can be an excellent way to gain experience, earn extra income, and continue to help others. Whether you want to stay close to home, travel, or work a flexible schedule, there are plenty of opportunities available for school healthcare professionals.

Supplemental Health Care has a dedicated Schools division with expert recruiters that can help you plan your summer. The key is to work with your recruiter to figure out what’s available in your area and what fits your preferences and experience.

Our team recommends reaching out to your recruiter a minimum of 30 days before the end of the school year to make sure you have enough time to get set up for your summer break. So, get started today and contact Supplemental Health Care to start making summer plans!

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