Care More Spotlight: Discovering Her True Calling

Like so many of us, Tina Kollar spent her college years trying to figure out what her career path might look like. She had always been interested in working with children, and one of her jobs in college was teaching classes in sports and gymnastics at a local recreation center. During this time, she found that working with the children was rewarding and gave her a sense of fulfillment, so she knew that her future would involve continuing that work.

After finishing her undergrad, Tina wanted to earn a Master’s degree, so she spent time studying different programs. When she came across School Psychology, things began to fall into place for her.

Following that path would allow her to fulfill her ambitions to work with children, and since she knew she wanted to pursue a family of her own one day, the idea of working in a school setting close to her own children was very appealing. As it turns out, Tina discovered her true calling and becoming a school psychologist has turned into a perfect match.

“One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is being able to help and develop children while also trying to support a stronger family environment,” she explains. “The one thing I look forward to most is talking with the kids and getting to know them and understand them. I love walking down the hallway in the school, and when they see me coming, they light up and run towards me to give me high fives.”

Receiving that kind of reaction from the students provides Tina with the validation that she is making a difference in their lives. Tina is currently splitting her time between two schools and has become indispensable to both. She has been described as continually going above and beyond the call of duty and accomplishing more in her 40 hours a week, than most could do in double that amount of time. Whether she is helping a student cope with a challenging situation, or listening to the concerns of a parent, Tina demonstrates a level of caring and compassion that is unmatched.

Tina K

One example that exemplifies the type of effect Tina has on her students occurred when she was working in a middle school setting. One student, in particular, was struggling, and he came from a very low-income family. As many educators do, Tina supplied him with a backpack, binders, paper, and a few other supplies. Twelve years later, Tina was out in the community and was approached by a young man. He had a startled look on his face and said, “Mrs. Kollar?” He was the middle school student that Tina had helped all those years ago. He excitedly told her about his job and kept thanking her for helping him through that rough patch.

“This situation had an impact on me,” she recalls. “It reinforced my love and enjoyment for this profession. It also reminded me that I really am making a difference in their lives, even at times when it may not be readily apparent.”

Supplemental Health Care is proud to recognize Tina as our Care More Spotlight honoree. For as much as she is doing for her students, she is also a valued advocate for Supplemental Health Care. Congratulations Tina, thank you for everything you do for those in your care and for being such an amazing representative of the Supplemental Care More spirit!

When the recruitment team reaches out to ask Tina if she would be willing to speak with a potential new hire about her experiences with Supplemental Health Care, she is always willing to share her story. If you are interested in learning more about starting a career with Supplemental Health Care, contact a recruitment professional today.

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