How To Get Your PT Compact Privileges

How To Get Your PT Compact Privileges

In 2017, the Physical Therapy Compact reached the minimum threshold of ten states, allowing the compact to be created. Although slow to develop, more states are enacting legislation to join the PT Compact with six states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges, while 15 more have enacted legislation but are not yet issuing privileges. To find out if the PT Compact is right for you, let’s answer some basic questions about the compact and purchasing privileges.

What is the PT Compact?

The PT Compact is an agreement between participating states allowing licensed physical therapists and PTAs to provide services in those states without having to apply for individual licensure. The purpose of the compact is to improve access to physical therapy services by enhancing the mobility of qualified physical therapists and assistants to work in multiple states.

What is a PT Compact Privilege?

When you purchase a Compact privilege, you are then authorized to provide physical therapy services in any state that is participating in the PT compact.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for PT Compact Privileges?

To be eligible for compact privileges, a PT or PTA must have a valid, current license in their primary state of residence. NOTE: Your primary state of residence must be a member of the PT Compact.

Additionally, the licensee must have no disciplinary actions or restrictions on their license for a full two years before applying for compact privileges.

Prior to working in a remote state, the licensee must notify the state that they will be practicing there. Then, participants must pay any required fees to receive privileges for that state.

How to sign up for PT Compact Privileges?

The process of purchasing or renewing PT compact privileges can all be done online at

To purchase privileges, licensees will pay a Commission fee, plus any individual fees as designated by the state licensing board. These fees vary by state with some such as North Dakota choosing to waive any additional fees.

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