How Home-Based Healthcare Helps the Elderly

Every month there are a number of health-related observances that are meant to raise awareness about specific issues or diseases. In November, there are several that can be considered age-related. These include Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Home Care and Hospice Month, Family Caregivers Month, and a chronic disease that strikes all age ranges, American Diabetes Month. With nearly 80 million people in the U.S. of the baby boomer generation (born between 1946 and 1964), providing health care services in the home is becoming more and more popular. The reasons behind this are many, but the most important is that most individuals want to age in place as long they are safely capable of doing so. Let’s look at some of the ways home health care is helping the elderly.

  • Home Health Care helps older Americans age in place. The greatest benefit to home health care is that patients are more comfortable in their home and appreciate being able to receive health care services in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Home health care is especially beneficial for individuals who are unable to drive or are homebound. Various studies have shown that patients recuperating from surgical procedures, illness, or injury are more successful when allowed to recover in their home versus a medical facility.
  • Quality improves with one on one attention. When health care is provided in the home, it is in a one to one fashion meaning the patient is receiving the care provider’s full attention. Home health care providers have more of an opportunity to get to know the patient and can offer individualized services based on the situation. When they get to know their patient in the home setting, they can more readily recognize changes in condition.
  • Family and Loved Ones Benefit. When family members are the primary caregivers to a patient recovering at home, they also reap the benefits of a home health care plan. Home health care visits provide them with a needed break from the care aspect allowing them to enjoy more of the quality time with their recovering loved one. They can also benefit from seeing the professional, compassionate care up close and learn about ways they can help further.
  • Family Members Feel Better Also. Even for the family members who are not directly helping with caregiving for their elderly loved one, they still receive benefit from home health providers. Being able to witness or even just be apprised of the quality and type of care being provided can ease any lingering feelings of concern or even guilt. They will also appreciate being able to visit their loved one at home, whenever convenient, rather than at a facility within specific visiting hours.
  • Care At Home Has Mental Benefits Also. When Home Health Care is provided, the patient benefits from a brighter mental outlook as well as the physical care they are receiving. One of the best ways to enhance recovery is to cultivate a positive attitude and receiving care at home is the surest way to do that. Most seniors fear having to move into a nursing home and losing their independence. When care is provided in the non-restrictive environment of home, they are happier, more engaged, and better able to get back to their favorite daily activities.
  • Home Health Care Lessens the Financial Burden. Clearly, institutional or traditional care is going to be more expensive than when care is provided in the home environment. Aside from your loved one not wanting to go into a more traditional care setting, the costs can be burdensome for the entire family. Not only is recovery time potentially shortened by home care, there is a significantly lower chance of your loved one needing to be re-hospitalized.

More and more healthcare professionals are choosing to become home health care providers. From enjoying the greater flexibility that home health care provides, to opting for more independence and control over daily workloads, home health care is proving to be a wise career choice for many.

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