10 Great Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

Do you have a special nurse or therapist in your life?  At this time of year are you racking your brains trying to come up with the perfect holiday gift idea?  Rack no more for in the precious time-saving space below; we list the best gifts you can get for your favorite healthcare professional without breaking your bank.  Read on and then start shopping!

Great Gift Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

  • A New Layer of Skin: No, not in the literal sense, in the clothing sense!  Nurses and therapists often work in spaces that are cold and sometimes drafty.  Having a performance garment under their scrubs will act as another layer of skin, and the best part is the moisture wicking feature that helps keep you cool when it gets hot.  For ideas visit UnderArmour.com or Underscrubs.
  • Black Gold: Medical professionals tend to work long hours and odd shifts, so caffeine in coffee or tea form is always a welcome gift.  Be creative and find a themed coffee mug that will have their co-workers smiling!
  • Playful Dough: Even health conscious nurses and therapists will find the time to bake cookies this holiday season.  Surprise your favorite clinician with a fun set of medical-themed cookie cutters.   Who doesn’t want to bite into an anatomically correct, heart-shaped cookie!
  • Warm and Snuggly: After working a long shift or when relaxing on their off day, your favorite healthcare professional loves to curl up on the couch and binge-watch ‘Game of Thrones.’  Help them stay warm and snuggly with a fleece blanket designed with their profession in mind.
  • Laughter: Giving the gift of laughter is always a good choice for those who work in medicine.  Without always having a lot of time to read and get involved in novels, a good choice might be a book of hilarious anecdotes about all aspects of a career in medicine, such as “Medicine Is the Best Laughter, Volume 1.”
  • Bug Them: Yes, you read that correctly.  Send your medical friend Chickenpox, Salmonella, or even Rhinovirus; all part of the cutest collection of stuffed microbes anywhere.  Giant Microbes are plush gifts that come in a variety of sizes and colors and are the perfect décor for an office or at the nurse’s station.  Find them here.
  • Something “Tote-ally” Cool: Every day, it seems we all have more and more stuff to lug back and forth to work with us, nurses and therapists are no exception.  Why not consider getting a personalized tote bag for your favorite Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Nurse?  Functional and funny, what could be better?
  • Don’t Get Hung Up: When you are really unsure what in the world the get your nurse or therapy bestie, the tried and true answer can always be as easy as a cute, personalized Christmas ornament that serves as a seasonal reminder of just how important their job is.
  • An Apple a Day: Today’s healthcare professional is often found carrying around some form of tablet all day.  A great gift idea if you happen to know what kind of tablet they use is to find a fun, medical-themed tablet case.  Or, just help them deck out their phone with a new case that shouts out who they are.  Find one here.
  • Time: For nurses and therapists, nothing is quite as precious as time.  Since none of us a superpower that creates time, we can do the next best thing; help them to know what time it is.  Since many places have a Bare Below Elbows (BBE) policy, get your medical professional a great time piece that clips right onto their scrubs.  The next time they actually get to eat lunch on time, they will be thinking of you.

Hopefully, our little list of gift ideas will help you out of your Christmas quandary.  If you have a few ideas of great holiday gifts for healthcare professionals, share them in our comment section below or visit us on our Facebook page.

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