Best Scrubs Brands for Healthcare Professionals

Scrubs are the perfect uniform. You never have to waste time ironing, they are super comfortable, and can even reflect your personality. There are pros and cons to wearing scrubs, but typically the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.

Choosing the Right Scrubs

With so many choices on the market, our team has picked some high-quality uniform companies to help you narrow down your selection. Let’s get you fitted into the best brand that suits your needs and is right for the job.

9 Top Scrubs Brands

  • Carhartt is great for durability. Their advanced fabrics Force cross-flex scrubs have Stain Breaker technology to release stains and FastDry technology for quick wicking.
  • Dickies is always a trusted brand. Their scrubs offer a variety of styles and fabrics to pick from that are flexible, not stiff. In addition, they are known for “enough” storage space because we can always use more pockets.
  • Healing Hands scrubs are made with love. Designed to be comfortable and fashionable with features like stretchy, breathable fabrics, extra pockets in the right places, waistbands that stay up without pinching, and flattering styles for all body types.
  • Purple Label is manufactured by Healing Hands. They made this line of scrubs to create unmatched comfort, fabric quality, and fresh designs. Purple Label scrubs will have you feeling and moving great all day around your office or healthcare facility.
  • Grey’s Anatomy is not just a TV show, although these did launch in partnership with the show. These uniforms are fabulously flattering and have a slick fit with cutting style so you can stand out on the floor.
  • Landau knows their market with more than 55 years in the industry. They just release their ProFlex line to help you expand your wardrobe with their comfortable and functional scrub styles.
  • Wonderwink Scrubs are tailored for every nursing and healthcare professional. You will all the compliments you can dream of without sacrificing the durability and quality you need. Their line is known for its variety and versatility.
  • Jockey is known for its flexible fabrics. It stands by its promise for comfort, style, fit, and performance. Their scrubs offer ultimate comfort for both men and women and you can choose from their classic fit or modern fit collections. Jockey has something for everyone!
  • Cherokee Scrubs is at the top of most lists for style and comfort. They have a huge selection of choices and offer high value. Some of their scrubs even have antimicrobial fabric technologies to help protect against bacteria and viruses.

With all of these scrubs brands, it’s easy to have some style while creating a more sanitary and safe workplace.

Benefits of Scrubs

Overall, scrubs have numerous advantages. Scrubs can provide overall comfort, support your work environment, and inform the people around you of your valued profession as a healthcare provider.

Ease of Identification

Traditionally, uniforms help others quickly recognize members in a group and help them distinguish them for services. Your uniform helps make it easier for people and your direct patients to identify you as a healthcare provider. Additionally, some facilities use different colors to designate different departments. It’s important to be recognized for your profession as an essential healthcare worker.

Contaminant Control

There are a lot of contaminants around health care services and scrubs are just one way to protect yourself. The materials used to make scrubs are easy to clean and help protect you from any spills or mishaps that take place throughout your workday.

Many healthcare facilities have dedicated laundry. They use special cleaning agents and high temperatures to make sure your scrubs are disinfected. These parameters tend to be relatively harsher than regular detergents but scrub materials can stand up to many stains, washes, and cleaners.

Save Your Clothes

Keep your nice clothes safe and at home. Healthcare uniforms don’t require specialized care, making them great for professionals on the go. If they get damaged or overly soiled, you can easily opt for another scrub top or pant without spending an arm and a leg.

Scrubin Discount

At Supplemental Health Care, our healthcare professionals can stock up on scrubs at a discounted rate. Our partnership with Scrubin offers our employees a great way to save on their scrubs purchases.

Contact our recruitment team today to find out more and learn more about exciting new career opportunities that you can wear your fresh new scrubs to!