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Hear from our  Healthcare Professionals 

Hear stories from our Healthcare Professionals their experience in working with Supplemental Health Care. Supplemental Health Care (“SHC”) connects nursing professionals like you with employers seeking the best talent possible. Find your next opportunity across our continuum of care.








Stories from the blog

Image: Care More Spotlight: photo of healthcare professional, Kristen F with her family

Care More Spotlight: A Rewarding Career

Image: Care More Spotlight: photo of nurse, Lisa Owens, holding a rainbow umbrella offering free mom hugs

Care More Spotlight: Compassion in Correctional Nursing

Image: Care More Spotlight: Headshot of Brian Pruden in hospital scrubs

Care More Spotlight: Traveling and Growing as a Nurse

Image: Care More Spotlight: photo of Crystal

Care More Spotlight: Caring for Patient and Family

Image: Care More Spotlight: Photo of Alex Rossman

Care More Spotlight: Putting Others First

Image of a nurse in full scrub with mask ready to combat ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Care More Spotlight: Undeterred by the Pandemic

Image: Care More Spotlight: Tina K, LSSP

Care More Spotlight: Discovering Her True Calling

Image: Care More Spotlight: Woman smiling at camera overlooking historical east asian pagoda buildings

Care More Spotlight: Turning a Tragedy into a Career

Image: Care More Spotlight showing school nurse, Brianna Perry, checking the heartbeat of a student.

Care More Spotlight: A School Nurse’s Happy Home

This is a testimonial that reads: My Supplemental Health Care recruiter has been amazing! Very responsive, kind, professional, and just all around awesome. He always answers my questions and as a new traveler gave me a great experience throughout the whole process! Emily R., Travel Nurse
This is a testimonial that reads: Supplemental Health Care is better than any other agency! The support our recruiters beats any other agency I’ve worked for. Virgina G., Psych RN
This is a testimonial that reads: They stay on top of the things that are important to me. Am I still satisfied with my assignment? Is there anything that I need? Was my ETC submitted? I always feel heard and supported. Debra H., School Nurse
This is a testimonial that reads: The personalized approach made all the difference! I also really appreciate the added bonuses, such as the gift card for the new uniforms. It let me know that the company values its employees. Sara C., Registered Nurse
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