Care More Spotlight: Caring for Patient and Family

Crystal Sereno, RN, has been in nursing for the past 26 years. She began her career as a certified nursing assistant before earning her Associates Degree in Nursing in 2000.

“I chose nursing as a career because I enjoy being able to help others,” she explains. “It’s gratifying to know that I am there for others at their time of greatest need.  My reward is seeing someone smile and providing them with a sense of relief to know they are not going through this alone.”

Crystal has worked in a variety of care settings throughout her career. She has worked in long-term care facilities, she has been an RN home health and hospice case manager, and has worked for the American Red Cross.  She has also served as a nurse trainer for Easter Seals, training supportive care staff who work with individuals with disabilities.

As much as Crystal loves teaching other nurses, she is quick to point out that she learns just as much from her patients. She describes how nursing challenges you to think critically to solve problems, and also helps her to give patients a better understanding of what they are experiencing.

“I enjoy being a part of my patient’s life, and seeing the difference we can make by treating the patient as a whole, physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”

Recently, Crystal was named as the Care More Spotlight winner for Supplemental Health Care. She was nominated by her supervisor after a letter was received from a client, describing an incredibly generous and selfless act by Crystal.

The wife of a patient described how her husband was discharged from the hospital on a Friday and had a home health nurse visit the following day. On Monday, Crystal was assigned as her husband’s home health case manager and called the wife in the morning to set up a visit.  While they were on the phone, the woman’s husband passed in his sleep. Crystal was calling from a mile or so away and immediately drove to the woman’s house to help her through the situation.

In her letter, the wife described how reassuring it felt to have Crystal there with her, being supportive, and maintaining a calm, knowledgeable presence throughout the entire time the police and authorities were there at the house. In her letter, she wrote, “I am very grateful that Crystal was there for me that morning, and for everything she did for me. She is a born caregiver, to the ill, but also to the family of the ill.”

Supplemental Health Care is proud of all of our caregivers, and especially to Crystal, for going above and beyond to provide strength and support to someone in need. Congratulations Crystal, we are proud to call you one of our own and for earning the Care More Spotlight.

If you are a nurse or other healthcare professional, contact Supplemental Health Care today to learn about how we can find you an opportunity that supports your career goals and lifestyle needs.

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