Supplemental Health Care Employees Volunteer for Company-Wide Blood Drive

April 16, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, April 16, 2024 — Supplemental Health Care (SHC), a leading healthcare staffing company, recently recognized the importance of blood donation through a company-wide volunteering event in April. Marking both National Volunteer Month and Celebrate Diversity Month, SHC’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Employee Resource Group and Chief Operating Officer, Vickie Anenberg, sponsored a company blood drive for employees.

Supplemental Health Care Employees Volunteer for Company-Wide Blood Drive

SHC employees participated virtually and at in-office events across the country including Atlanta, GA, Buffalo, NY, Dayton, OH, Salt Lake City, UT, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Volunteers demonstrated their commitment to giving back to their communities and helped blood banks across the country care for numerous patients in need. 

“We are honored to help more patients receive life-saving care through this blood drive,” said Adrienne Nakamura, SHC’s Vice President of EPMO and Diversity. “SHC employees are an incredible representation of our Culture of Caring, and this event was a great opportunity for us to come together and make a positive impact in our communities.” 

There often exists a challenge in meeting demand since only around 3% of those eligible to donate blood do so annually, according to the American Red Cross. With a patient in need of blood every two seconds, each pint donated by volunteers can save up to three lives. You can learn more about donating by visiting the Red Cross website or find a local drive near you.

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