Integrated Behavioral Health Leader, Supplemental Health Care, Publishes 2024 Report

May 29, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, May 29, 2024 – Supplemental Health Care (SHC), a leading provider of tech-enabled workforce solutions, recently released a report examining the evolution of integrated behavioral health care and the company’s 40-year history supporting the unique needs of care delivery in behavioral health, education, and healthcare services.

Since the company’s founding as a behavioral health travel nursing agency, Supplemental Health Care has grown to support healthcare services across the continuum of care. SHC has specialized divisions extending from traditional core healthcare skills and settings in hospitals and long-term care to growing areas such as schools, home health, and government services.

As behavioral and mental health care challenges in the United States continue to impact patients and providers, SHC remains dedicated to preparing for challenges and evolving as needs change. Today, SHC supports over 100 skillsets supporting physical and mental health care including psychiatric nurses, social workers, school psychologists, behavioral health techs, and special education teachers.

“No matter what the future holds, Supplemental Health Care will continue to innovate and invest in a future that extends the reach of integrated behavioral healthcare to all,” shared Greg Palmer, Supplemental Health Care’s Chairman & CEO.

Through mentorship and upskilling initiatives as well as philanthropic partnerships, SHC continues to give back to its communities and address workforce challenges such as skill gaps, staffing shortages, and clinician burnout. The company remains committed to providing quality behavioral and mental health care with its client partners and working professionals.

While the current state of behavioral and mental health care in the U.S. is marked by significant challenges, it also presents opportunities for transformative change. As one of the largest and most tenured workforce solutions companies supporting integrated behavioral health care, Supplemental Health Care will continue to use its expertise and reach to support better outcomes for patients and students in behavioral health, education, and healthcare services.

About Supplemental Health Care

Supplemental Health Care (SHC) is a leading healthcare staffing provider that connects caring nurses, therapists, and other healthcare and school professionals with opportunities to fulfill their calling to better serve patients and students.

SHC is proud to deliver world-class service and career options to our clinicians, a range of dynamic workforce solutions to our clients, and a supportive atmosphere to our corporate teams. For everyone that we serve, SHC is the place where caring hearts thrive.