Care More Spotlight: Living to Serve

Registered Nurse Dian Hofmeister knew from an early age that she would live a life of service. In high school, she was drawn to the field of healthcare and spent time working as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Later, after serving our country in the Marine Corps, Dian had a second career as a Paramedic. It was then that she realized it was time to get back to nursing.

“I finally realized that I wanted more,” she explains. “I was raising my daughter as a single mom, so I moved to Colorado and began working as a CNA again. I went back to school full time to pursue a nursing career. Nursing is in me, and I am very proud of my profession.”

Her nursing career has had her working in long-term care, Cardiac Care, ICU, Critical Care, and Transitional Care. Dian displays a passion for nursing that allows her to have an impact on every patient under her care.

“It gives me great pride and a sense of being to know that I am working every day to make a difference in someone’s life. It can be large or small, like holding a hand and offering reassurances whenever possible. I want my patients to know that no matter what happens, they are my priority for the next 12 hours I am with them.”

An example of Dian caring more and making a profound impact on a patient came recently in the form of a letter from a patient. After total hip replacement surgery, a patient was under Dian’s care in the TCU. She wrote about how compassionate and caring Dian was to her and her family over the three days she was in Transitional Care. Dian made sure that her patient’s family members felt reassured and were comfortable enough to be able to return home for much-needed rest knowing that Dian was taking care of things at the hospital.

To hear it from Dian, she was simply doing her job the only way she knows how. Her philosophy about nursing carries through for every patient under her care.

“I always keep in mind that I am there to care for people, after all, they are someone. They are also someone’s someone. A mother, or maybe a father, husband, wife, brother, sister, or child! I keep that in the forefront of my mind when caring for these patients, and always putting in the effort as if they were MY someone. By having that mentality, I know that when someone is having the worst day of their life, I am going to be at my very best.”

Her philosophy and approach to nursing is inspiring and demonstrates the best of what being a healthcare professional is all about. Thank you, Dian, for embodying a “Care More” attitude and for providing each and every patient with the quality care they deserve.

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