About SHC: Where caring hearts come Together

At Supplemental Health Care (“SHC”), a simple belief in the power of caring guides a unique commitment to world-class service in healthcare staffing. For talented professionals pursuing their life calling and employers seeking operational excellence, we inspire vital connections. And in so doing, enrich lives and inspire better outcomes.

Our Purpose

To connect caring hearts with those that need one.

Our Mission

To create a world-class healthcare staffing company that connects those with caring hearts to opportunities that fulfill their life purpose – serving others.

Our Promise

Connections That Fuel Miracles.

What SHC Aspires to everyday

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SHC provides world-class service to our clients, resulting in them being twice as likely to recommend SHC over another staffing company

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Unique Culture
of Caring

For everyone we serve, we foster an environment where caring is celebrated and people feel loved

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With nearly 40 years of healthcare experience, our team is uniquely qualified to support more than 100 skill sets everywhere healthcare is delivered

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From hospitals to home, rural communities to big cities, next-door and across the country, SHC solves healthcare delivery challenges everywhere

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High Touch/High
Tech Experience

We’re creating interactions made increasingly quick and easy with the latest technologies—while still fostering human connections 

Our impact Commitment

At SHC, we strive to expand opportunity for anyone seeking to demonstrate the power of caring. Through proactive efforts, we create new success stories—and new avenues for progress in healthcare. Learn more about SHC’s impact.

SHC's Leadership

Image: Greg Palmer headshot

Greg Palmer

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Connected with SHC since 2015
Image: Vickie Anenberg headshot

Vickie Anenberg

Chief Operating Officer
Connected with SHC since 2019
Image: Klaus Geiser headshot

Klaus Geiser

Chief Financial Officer
Connected with SHC since 2020
Image: Simon Curtis headshot

Simon Curtis

Chief Digital Officer
Connected with SHC since 2022
Image: Linda McDonnell headshot

Linda McDonnell

President Acute Care
Connected with SHC since 2012
Image: Jason Marconi headshot

Jason Marconi

President Non-Acute Care
Connected with SHC since 2019
Image: Chris Long headshot

Chris Long

Chief Process Officer
Connected with SHC since 2002
Image: Rod Ekstrom headshot

Rodney Ekstrom

Chief Information Officer
Connected with SHC since 2001

Gary Cornick 

Chief Client Officer
Connected with SHC since 2023
photo: kelly mahannah headshot

Kelly Mahannah

President of Workforce Solutions
Connected with SHC since 2018
Image: Brett Johnson headshot

Brett Johnson, SPHR

Vice President of Human Resources
Connected with SHC since 2019
Image: Jenna Yott headshot

Jenna Yott

General Counsel and Chief Legal Compliance Officer
Connected with SHC since 2022
Image: Pat Ahern headshot

Pat Ahern

Chief Human Resources Officer
Connected with SHC since 2022
Image: Adrienne Nakamura headshot

Adrienne Nakamura

Vice President of EPMO and Diversity
Connected with SHC since 2022
Image: Geoff Staub headshot

Geoff Staub

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Connected with SHC since 2020
Image: Florenca Boudelot headshot

Florence Bourdelot

Vice President of Finance
Connected with SHC since 2020
Image: Beth Johnson headshot

Beth Johnson

Vice President and Controller
Connected with SHC since 2022
Photo of Sally from Supplemental Health Care

Sally Porter, R.N., B.S.N 

Vice President of Quality & Clinical Services, Chief Clinical Officer
Connected with SHC since 2000
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Add your caring Heart to ours

Since 1984, SHC has provided organizations better access to skilled nurses, therapists, and other healthcare specialties. The standard we set begins with an exceptional team. Interested in reinventing the future of healthcare staffing? Let’s talk.

Hear the Difference SHC can make

SHC goes above and beyond to find quality candidates...SHC is fair, honest, and provides excellent customer service. - Elizabeth R. from Texas School District
There's a comfort level and understanding as if we've worked together much longer than we have. Which means our company believes in the services SHC provides as a whole. Very much appreciated. - Victoria from Rehab Facility
Great support, awesome communication, and always just a phone call away. Supplemental Health Care makes me feel supported and secure in my position. My recruiter has been hands down the best. - Lyndsey W. from Texas Hospital
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