Nurses – Everyday Heroes in the Healthcare Profession

May 6, 2015

PARK CITY, UTAH, May 6, 2015 – More than three million nurses in the U.S. today serve patients in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, schools, in homes and other care centers. Each day these dedicated healthcare providers deliver quality, patient-centered care to individuals recovering from surgery, battling major illness and disease, fighting the flu, or just having a wound bandaged.

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, with the latter being National Nurses Day. Supplemental Health Care, one of the premier healthcare staffing firms in the nation, is proud to acknowledge these devoted caregivers during this time. For the fifth consecutive year, the company provides each of its nurses with a thank you recognition card and award gift for their life-altering service.

“Nurses are the face of healthcare to most patients,” said Janet Elkin, Supplemental Health Care CEO and President. “We work with clients large and small across the country each and every day and we see how valuable and caring nurses are. In this complex and challenging industry, they remain a constant source of solace and support for patients and families alike. During National Nurses Day and National Nurses Week, we are proud to shine a spotlight on these dedicated and compassionate individuals.”

In appreciation of the daily contribution and critical role their nurses make to patient care, Supplemental Health Care introduced the only industry rewards program five years ago. The Our Rewards program provides points to each Supplemental Health Care nurse for every hour they work, and bonuses them with additional points during National Nurses Week. Our Rewards points can be redeemed for a variety of exclusive merchandise and gifts.

The company’s theme for Nurses Week 2015 — #betterperks – celebrates the selfless nature of nurses, highlighting that they are driven by the fulfillment and gratification that comes from making a difference in people’s lives. The theme can be seen in a special video in support of nurses and in recognition of National Nurses Week. To view, please go to:

“The Our Rewards program and our 2015 BetterPerks theme are just two ways we express our gratitude for the service nurses give each day to millions of patients,” said Elkin. “The healthcare industry is once again evolving and changing. Nurses today play a critical role in meeting new demands from the Affordable Care Act, an increasing number of aging baby boomers and additional regulatory and reporting requirements. It’s a challenging proposition, but facing challenges and providing quality patient-centered care is something they have always conquered. We thank and salute them.”

About Supplemental Health Care

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