The Benefits of Working in Home Care and Hospice

November marks a dedicated time to appreciate the devoted and compassionate healthcare professionals that work in home care and hospice. More than 5 million patients in the U.S. annually receive in home care according to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). The demand for home health services is predicted to grow as more Americans retire in the coming years and seniors look to maintain more independence longer.

There are millions of nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals that travel miles and miles to make sure their patients get the care they require. The setting has plenty of challenges but also unique benefits as well. For Home Care and Hospice Month, we wanted to highlight some of our home health clinicians’ experiences in the setting.

Experiences Working in Home Health

Sonia is a great proponent of giving home health care a try. “In my opinion, home health care is often overlooked or underestimated,” she says. “Home care is all about helping the individual and being their caregiver in becoming more independent and safe in their environment.”

She also has some advice for those considering the setting. “I always advise giving it six months or more before deciding to move into something else. There are new rules and regulations to learn, and when you are new to home health, they can be overwhelming at first. But, once you get past those first few months and get comfortable, I believe you will love it.”

Marianne shared her experience traveling to the remote Alaskan town of Homer. “Traveling into the mountains to see my patients who live in the middle of nowhere was amazing,” she said. “Performing hospice care, it was like I became part of the family. I was even invited to participate in a very special burial at sea ceremony. It is something I will never forget!”

For Lucie, working in home health is the perfect fit. “It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your profession and about the culture of the areas. It’s 10x better than a vacation: for me, there is no better way to discover and learn about the area.”

Why You Should Consider Home Health Work

In home health care and hospice work, you can focus on personalized one-on-one care for your patients. While helping your patients stay independent and comfortable, you can gain more autonomy and flexibility in your work. Home health provides variety, time out in the community, and the ability to work closely with patients and their family members.

Whether you’re a nurse, therapist, or other healthcare professional, Supplemental Health Care is ready to answer your questions about the setting and get you started on your career in home health. With a specialized Home Health division, you can reach out to us directly at to learn more about our current opportunities or search our career portal for open jobs.