Care More Spotlight: Creating a Ripple Effect

Many times in life, the smallest of conversations can have a profound impact on our future. Such was the case with Theresa Tonello, a Supplemental Health Care RN working at School 93 for the Buffalo Public School District.

Theresa’s career goal of becoming a nurse began when she was just sixteen years old. She was working her first job at a local nursing home. Every day, her elderly neighbor Art would sit out on his front porch after working all day in his small town corner store. One summer evening, as Theresa was passing by after work, she stopped for a visit with her friendly neighbor. He asked Theresa how she liked working with the elderly.

“I told him that I loved it and that it was a great job,” Theresa explained. “Then, Art told me that not many people would like that sort of work because of the amount of personal care the elderly need. At first, I couldn’t comprehend what he meant, so I just replied that they are people too! Art teared up a little when I said that and I felt a little sad to think that there were people out there who felt that because they were older and needed care that they were less than others and sometimes forgotten. That conversation made me want to help people and not just with physical needs, but emotional and social needs as well. I wanted to become a nurse so that others would feel loved.”

Theresa has been a nurse for three years and has focused on working in school settings. She was recently nominated as a Care More Spotlight Award for her exceptional work in the Buffalo Public Schools.

“The staff at School 93 love Theresa,” wrote Laeni Mazurkiewicz, Area Manager for Supplemental Health Care. “She is always happy and cheerful and cares about her students, her work, and her clinic. They love that she is a part of their team!”

In reflecting on her Care More Spotlight Award and her career choice to become a nurse, Theresa mentions more than just being able to provide medical care.

“What I love the most about what I do isn’t the grandiose or obvious interactions that happen. It is more about those quiet moments of a comforting hand or kind words that make a difference in a student’s day. We may not be able to help everyone, but even if we help just one person succeed, that becomes part of our legacy and who knows what kind of ripple effect that will have on others!”

As much as Supplemental Health Care appreciates the work that she is doing at School 93, Theresa feels the same about being a member of the SHC team. She points to the feeling of community and expresses how important it is to have such a strong sense of unity and support throughout the organization.

Congratulations to Theresa Tonello, Care More Spotlight Award winner. If you want to join Theresa and the rest of the SHC team, reach out to an experienced recruitment professional today and find an opportunity that is perfect for you and your career.