Care More Spotlight: Care for Compliance

When talking about healthcare staffing, the first role you might think of is the recruiting or staffing teams that help nurses and other professionals find jobs that meet their career needs. However, that process involves so much more than just recruitment. Support staff are essential to help support healthcare professionals with everything they need to do their jobs, including payroll, benefits, licensing, and travel housing.

Compliance is an incredibly important step in the onboarding process to make sure healthcare professionals are ready on day one of their assignment. Compliance professionals ensure that nurses and other clinicians are thoroughly prepared to start their new assignment and their role can greatly impact how these professionals feel about working with a particular staffing agency.

Recently, Samantha Evans, Sr. Recruiting Director at SHC, nominated Trina Giambelluca for the Care More Spotlight for going above and beyond in her role as an assistant compliance manager. In her nomination, Samantha described Trina’s support of a long-time nurse who was returning to SHC after a brief period away.

Trina supported this nurse through the compliance process and demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and a thoughtful, respectful manner throughout onboarding. “Trina always goes above and beyond explaining what they are expected to do in a polite, pleasant manner,” Samantha wrote. “She is mindful of their time, which is a HUGE help to the retention process. People like Trina are the reason talent stay with and return to SHC!”

For Trina, it is all in a day’s work, and being able to support talented healthcare professionals is one of the reasons she loves her career. “My goal is to just always make sure they know they are appreciated and are being supported right up until their first day,” she explains. “It’s the best feeling ever knowing that at the end of it all, everyone had a great experience.”

Three years ago, Trina began her career with SHC as a recruiter, and after a few months, she was drawn to pursue a different role in a support position. This led her to the compliance team, and she has never looked back.

Each facility has different requirements that need to be fulfilled before a nurse or other healthcare professional can start an assignment. Trina has to rely on her exceptional organization and communication skills to ensure the talent stays on track and meets sometimes tight deadlines. She does her best to make the process as smooth as possible for both the talent and their recruiter.

“Believe it or not, a simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way and can absolutely make someone’s day. It can get overwhelming for them and I want them to know that they can trust me. Knowing that they have a smooth process during their onboarding and feel confident about starting their new assignment with SHC motivates me each time.”

The healthcare staffing industry is a very competitive environment, and having shining stars like Trina supporting both the healthcare professionals and recruitment teams is one of the many reasons that individuals choose to work with Supplemental Health Care.

If you are a healthcare professional who wants to experience the SHC difference, contact us today. Job seekers can also search our current openings in their preferred specialty, discipline, and location in our job portal.

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