Physical Therapist Spotlight: A Lifelong Calling

The first time Rebecca Fields thought about healthcare as a profession she was 12 years old, “I had injured myself and I did my own wound care and scar massage.” She said, “The doctor asked me how I knew to do that, and I said I don’t know, it just made sense.” Admittedly though, she wasn’t set on Physical Therapy from the beginning. After passing the MCAT, she was accepted to a small university that required a 10 year rural medicine program. She recalled, “I decided I didn’t want to go that route, I wanted to be a PT.” The decision to change course came from Rebecca’s desire to focus more on patients. “I feel like I can get to know my patients more and have a bigger impact on their lives through physical therapy. I wanted a job where I would be able to spend more time with my patients.”

At first, Rebecca wanted to work in Pediatric physical therapy but after volunteering with Peds for a while, she felt it wasn’t the right fit for her. When asked what advice she would give to new PTs or those considering the field she says, “I would recommend that they volunteer or work as a therapy tech in several different settings. I think that helps to gain an understanding of what it’s all about. Not only will it help you figure out if you are good fit for the profession but also how to approach the program you apply to.”

Rebecca loves her job and believes that physical therapy is her calling, but she acknowledges that it isn’t always easy. “It is a very challenging career. You are dealing with people who 99% of the time are not happy to be going to physical therapy. They are a runner and you have to tell them not to run.” She says that it’s all worth it to see the progress in your patients. It also helps to “talk a lot” and have a good sense of humor, too. “Sometimes when you are working with a patient who is apprehensive or in a lot of pain you can just talk to them about different topics and it can help them get through.” She says, “People say that I talk to much but see, it helps! Laughter really is the best medicine. I like to use humor to relate to my patients.”

When she isn’t working Rebecca spends most of her time with her family. Her husband, two daughters, and two stepsons are the light of her life. She and her husband have 41 acres that they lease for cattle and hunt on with the family. “We like to go down there and do a lot of outdoors person farm things,” she laughs. “My grandfather, in Wisconsin where I was raised, had land and a wrecker service, so I grew up doing all the farm things and fixing cars so now I like to do those things with my girls.” She says, “We teach the girls how to do a lot of that stuff and be independent people and figure things out for themselves.”


Rebecca first came to work with Supplemental Health Care after applying to an LTAC facility that never got back to her. “I had applied directly for a job and no one bothered to get back to me from that company.” She said, “Then I thought, well forget it, I have always wanted to try out agency and so I called Supplemental and Heather ended up placing me at the facility I originally applied for!” After her contract through SHC, the facility took Rebecca on permanently. After five years at the same facility, Rebecca decided she wanted a little more freedom than a permanent job could provide and called Heather again. “Heather kept in touch with me the whole time – never lost touch.”

Rebecca now works with Kristen, also in the local Fort Worth, TX office, as Heather has received a few promotions since they first worked together. “I love everybody that I have ever talked to at Supplemental.” She says, “I always feel like I am the most important person with ya’ll. You don’t always get that anymore.”

Rebecca is on her third contract with Supplemental Health Care in the last year and she says she couldn’t be happier. “You guys stay on the ball and always reach out when you need something without being a pest. You always ask, ‘What can I do to facilitate this for you?’ Everyone is very customer service oriented.”

We couldn’t begin to thank Rebecca enough for all the work she does and what a joy she is to work with. The SHC team looks forward to a long working relationship, and friendship, with Rebecca throughout her career.

If you would like to explore our contract physical therapy opportunities, contact one of our experienced recruitment professionals today. We would love to be your career partner.