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Let’s Go: OR Travel Nursing with SHC

Supplemental Health Care ("SHC") is one of the largest Travel Nursing agencies in the United States, and our award-winning service means personalized support for everything you need as a travel operating room nurse.

For nearly 4 decades, our dedicated travel nursing teams have helped thousands of operating room nurses get started, grow, and succeed as travelers. With access to tens of thousands of OR travel nursing options across the United States, we can help you find what's right for you.

Whether you're just getting started in travel nursing or are gearing up for your next adventure, we're ready to help take your OR travel nursing career to the next level.

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getting started

From the unique experience that helps make a travel nurse successful to the credentials that ever nurse needs, SHC has the expertise to help find the next step in your Operating Room nursing career.

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Today, nearly 40 states participate in the multi-state licensure compact—creating greater travel opportunities than ever before. Gain all the licensing need-to-knows with SHC.

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As a Supplemental Health Care OR nurse traveler, you'll be supported by dedicated housing specialists who can help you find your next home away from home.

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Pay & Benefits

With SHC, travel nursing is a win-win, opening the door to exciting experiences along with the reward of great pay and benefits.

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SHC provides learning opportunities to keep travel nurses informed of the latest developments in the field. This helps ensure that you' re ablle to provide the best possible care to patients.

With nearly 40 years helping the most caring travel OR nurses fulfill their calling, both on the road and close to home, we’ve got the answers you need.

On The Road

This is a testimonial about travel nursing that reads: “Travel nursing with Supplemental Health Care has made me so thankful for the kindness that people show that makes a big difference in someone else’s life. I strive to provide that same kindness to others who might be in a difficult circumstance. Being a nurse is the perfect career to do just that.” By Susie V., Traveling Acute Care Nurse
This is a testimonial about travel nursing that reads: “This past year has been an incredible journey of self-reflection and personal growth. I give a lot of that credit to travel nursing, having experienced so much and done so many things I never would have done back home.” – by Nikki, Traveling Acute Care Nurse
This is a testimonial about travel nursing that reads: “My passion for traveling and O T led me to this career lifestyle. Being able to combine both makes for a great work life balance. Having a good relationship with your recruiter can make you have a great experience.” – By Jackie L., Traveling Occupational Therapist
This is a testimonial about travel nursing that reads: “I consider it an honor to be a nurse, and I am proud of the job I am doing. We need good nurses in the field, and that is how Supplemental Health Care offers us an opportunity by giving newer nurses a chance to learn and grow.” – By Julie S., Traveling RN
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Navigate licensing with SHC

Just as overseas travelers need a passport, travel nurses must meet licensure requirements. The good news? Over 40 states today participate in the multi-state licensing compact, creating more opportunities for travel nurses to explore.

Travel Assignments for Operating Room Nurses have never been easier with the Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC), but experienced support can still make the difference between a bumpy road and smooth sailing.

SHC will help you identify exactly the boxes to be checked for your next assignment, and we’ll keep you informed of continuing education (CE) requirements that you might need along the travel nursing road.


Finding your home away from home

As a caregiver, It's important to have a sense of stability to perform at your best. SHC can help by finding housing that meets your lifestyle needs. SHC offers support to travel nurses with a team specifically devoted to housing. They will help you identify options in your desired location, taking into account your preferences and budget.

It is best to start your search early, as rental costs and availability can change. Utilize SHC's support, tips and resources to make your transition to a new location seamless. Learn more about travel nursing here.

Pay & Benefits

Rewards for doing what you love

Travel nursing enriches you with new discoveries. But at SHC, the rewards don’t stop there. In addition to great assignments, we make it possible for caring professionals to stay and grow their career with us long-term.

With SHC, you’ll earn benefits along with your pay (outlined below). In addition, SHC offers some of the most creative programs anywhere—like delivering everyday discounts from great partners like Verizon and 1-800-Flowers.

We call it Supplemental Advantages, and it’s our way of going a little further for you—just like you do for patients every day.

- Health, dental and life insurance
- 401K Retirement Plan
- Share the Care Referral Program
- Supplemental University Online Learning Portal
- Supplemental Advantages—
special discounts for caring professionals

Shortcuts to Success

You're eager to begin travel nursing, but you also want to continue developing your skills. How can you keep learning? You'll find a variety of useful tools and resources with SHC. And if you ever have a question, there's always an expert ready to answer.

Refer a Friend

Help someone you know benefit from SHC’s support and you’ll not only strengthen a friendship, you’ll add to your pocketbook.

SHC’s Share the Care program is the most dynamic, profitable referral program in the industry, with rewards of up to $2,000 per referral or the choice of residual payments!

Find out how easy it is to add to the rewards of choosing SHC to help grow your career.

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