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Travel Nursing
in Alabama

Discover Travel Nursing in Alabama

Travel nursing is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to come to Alabama to visit, learn, have new experiences, and meet new people. From pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico to picturesque mountains up north, Alabama boasts an array of breathtaking landscapes that cater to every interest.

Travel nurses in Alabama can look forward to working in top-tier healthcare facilities that foster growth and professional development. Travel nursing also comes with better pay and perks (such as more flexibility and freedom), drawing many people to this career path.

Our recruiters are here to help you find the assignment that fits your wants and needs as you explore work as a travel nurse. Whether you’re hoping to explore more of the United States or enjoy traveling to avoid burnout, you can make a positive impact on patient care while embracing all the wonders that this wonderful southern state has to offer.

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Alabama as a Travel Nurse

Located in the Southeastern region of the U.S., Alabama is a state known for its culture, history, southern hospitality, beaches, and mountains. As a travel nurse, coming to Alabama is a way to help the community and you’ll broaden your clinical skills and engage with new patient populations.

Whether you’re hoping to work near the sandy beaches of the Gulf Shores or you want to grow your career in the charming cities of Birmingham, Montgomery, or Huntsville, Alabama has much to offer travel nurses. With a career in Alabama, you’ll expand your knowledge while having a noticeable impact on the lives of patients within this unique state.

SHC WeConnect App

Enhance Your Job Search with SHC WeConnect

The SHC WeConnect app is your all-in-one platform for managing your career with our travel nursing agency.

With just a few taps on your mobile device, the app connects agency nurses with a wide range of nurse staffing positions, enabling you to search for assignments, set up job alerts, and apply for positions across the US.

The app provides a seamless experience, making it easier than ever to manage each stage of your experience. With SHC WeConnect, travel nurses can take control of their job search and stay connected in real-time throughout the process. Available for download now in the App Store and Google Play.

Travel Nursing Pay

Better Pay for Doing What You Love

The average travel nursing pay in Alabama is just below the national average, although the difference can be offset by the state’s lower cost of living. The cost of living in Alabama is actually 13% less than the national average, so even taking a lower pay package could put you in the same, or better, position as travel nursing in a state with a higher rate.

Keep in mind, too, that your specialties, experience, where you work, and where you live within Alabama will all make a difference in your earning potential and cost of living. Overall, this is a great state for travel nursing pay.


Travel housing

Finding Your Home Away from Home

SHC understands the importance of making the transition from your current location to your new assignment simple. That’s why we prioritize helping you find the right living arrangements for your next travel nursing assignment in Alabama. We have a dedicated support team that will work with you and provide you with a number of Alabama travel housing options.

Know that you will find the convenient and comfortable travel nursing housing you’re looking for when selecting your next assignment. Our housing department will help you sort through all the options so you get to live exactly where you want during your travel nursing job in Alabama.


More Rewards with SHC

On top of all the amazing perks of travel nursing, you’ll earn exclusive benefits working with SHC. In addition to great assignments, we make it possible for caring travel nurses to continue to work with us assignment after assignment - in Washington and wherever you choose next!

From 401k retirement plans to voluntary individual benefits including whole life insurance, short term disability, accident, and pet insurance, Supplemental Health Care has you covered.

Education & Licensure

Advance Your Career

Supplemental Health Care supports your nursing career and recognizes the value of increasing accessibility to professional education and advancement. We support upskilling programs and scholarship opportunities for nurses so you can further your education and advance your nursing career.

Alabama has a few options for travel nursing licensing in the state. As part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), you can travel within Alabama if you have a Compact license and you will not need to obtain further licensing. Other travel nurses must apply for approval to work in the state via the Alabama Board of Nursing. Travel nurses may be able to obtain a temporary license for up to 180 days.

Explore Top Locations & Specialties in AL

The state of Alabama boasts numerous opportunities for travel nurses in search of their next adventure. From the bustling atmosphere of large cities to the serene beauty of small towns, travel nursing in Alabama is an ideal way to explore all that the state provides.

Here are some best destinations and most in-demand specialties for travel nurses in Alabama:

top locations

  • Alexander City, AL
  • Anniston, AL
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Gadsden, AL
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Mobile, AL
  • Montgomery, AL

Top Specialties

  • Critical Care (CCU) Nurse Jobs
  • Intensive Care Unit (CCU) Nurse Jobs
  • Emergency Department (ED) Nurse Jobs
  • Emergency Room (ER) Nurse Jobs
  • Medical-Surgical (Med-Surg) Nurse Jobs

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