Your Guide to Traveling as a Healthcare Professional

If you’re new to a travel career or even a seasoned working tourist, we have guidance for every step of your journey through interactive events, informative sessions, and expert resources. Our recruiters, travelers, and industry experts discuss some hot topics for traveling today: COVID-19, licensing updates, telehealth, and much more. Whether your a nurse, physical therapist, or speech-language pathologist, there’s something for every healthcare professional looking to travel.

Getting Started

The Best Way to Find Travel Housing Online

Furnished Finder representatives, Cami Narino and Brian Payne, share tips for your travel housing search and discuss how to avoid housing scams online for your future assignments. Check out their guest blog post on top tips for travel housing here and watch the recording below.

What to Ask Your Travel Recruiter

It’s hard to know what questions you need to ask your recruiter. We breakdown the most important questions to consider and the benefits of partnering with a travel healthcare expert. Get all the advice you need with this free session below.

Travel Nursing Topics

Navigating Travel Nursing During COVID-19

Recruiting experts from our travel nursing team answer your questions about industry trends, crisis needs, and the impact of COVID-19. Find out what specialties and settings are in-demand this fall, how to be ready for the changing needs, and what to do about extensions. Watch the session below.

A Travel Nurse’s Perspective

Our TravCon 2019 Ambassador, Jaclyn Denzel, shares her travel nursing experiences. We will discuss her advice for new travelers and the benefits of a travel career. Check out our Travel Nursing page for more information on becoming a travel nurse.

Travel Therapy Topics

Introduction to Teletherapy

Our partner, Dotcom Therapy, will be sharing a guide to teletherapy for those that are new to working virtually. Travel therapy has been drastically impacted by COVID-19, so now is a great time to consider teletherapy and learn a new skill! View the free session at the link below.

What You Need to Know about the PT Compact

The PT Compact allows physical therapists and assistants to practice within participating states and through telehealth. We talk about the benefits of the Compact, the latest news, and concerns around COVID-19. Check out our blog feature on PT Compact updates here or view the session below.

Self-Care Topics

Staying Fit on the Road

Join our talent acquisition manager and Zumba instructor, Jenn Germano, for a high-energy live workout session you can do at home or while traveling. All levels and disciplines are welcome! Register below to get this free workout class. The Spotify playlist is available here.

How to Have Adventures on Assignment

Join travel nurse, Jessie Johnson, for a special “Coloring and Convos” live art hour. She will be taking your questions about traveling and how to get out and enjoy your time on assignment: make friends, see the sites, and try new activities. Open to all healthcare travelers! Check out Jessie’s blog feature about traveling in California here.

Advice and Resources to Care More for Yourself

It’s important to take care of your own mental health and general wellbeing as a healthcare professional and traveler, especially during the challenges surrounding COVID-19. Check out our list of mental health and wellness resources here and watch our free session below for more tips for self-care.


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