Why You Should Consider Extending Your Travel Nursing Assignment

Time flies when you are having fun, or so the saying goes. Being a travel nurse is an exciting time. Finding a new assignment in a new city, going where patient care is needed.

But, if you think about it, a typical travel nursing assignment is usually only 13 weeks. The first part of any assignment is spent on moving into a new home, as well as orienting and settling into a new work environment. Then before you know it, you find yourself on the tail end of your contract without enough time to explore your surroundings!

If this scenario sounds familiar, ask your recruiter if an extension is available or if there are other opportunities in the area. Clearly, there are many things to consider if you plan to work beyond your initial contract. But the good news is that most are within your control.

Let’s take a look at what travel nurses should consider when extending an assignment.

When to Extend Your Travel Assignment

Great Work Environment

One of the great things about being a traveling nurse is that you gain valuable experiences working in a variety of environments and workplace cultures. This means you have true insight into what types of healthcare facilities fit your style, career, and life goals. When you find yourself fitting in so well, sometimes an assignment can seem too short.

No matter where your travel career takes you, there will always be relationships built with co-workers and managers. If you find yourself in a positive work environment, sometimes those relationships hit differently and mean more. If the opportunity presents itself, who wouldn’t want to spend more time working with great people? Especially with everything we have been through over the past few years.

More Time to Explore

Whether it is the climate, the scenery, or the local amenities, some places just speak to us. A hectic assignment can sometimes mean you haven’t explored the area like you planned. An extension may be the perfect way to be sure to hike the local canyons or lounge on the beaches.

Practical Reasons to Extend

While the emotional reasons to extend an assignment might be a stronger pull, there are plenty of practical reasons as well.

  • The pandemic created a prolonged sense of uncertainty. Staying put for another 13 weeks can provide some welcomed job stability and peace of mind.
  • Maybe you haven’t found a new assignment that excites you more than the one you are currently working on.
  • You happily settled into the current facility and don’t feel ready to start over again right away.
  • The thought of going through another orientation right now has zero appeal.
  • You can envision yourself working in this geographic area long-term or permanently and want to spend more time to be sure.

Extending your travel nursing assignment comes with a lot of variables to think through. If someone from facility administration or your manager comes to you directly about extending your current contract, reach out to your recruiter to make sure they are in the know.

In other cases, a facility will work directly with your recruiter, so they may be the ones to broach the subject. However the extension offer is presented, you now have an important decision to make.

Making the Decision to Extend Your Assignment

If you are approached about an extension and the decision isn’t a slam dunk, there are logical ways to reach the best decision either way.

  • Sit down with a sheet of paper and create a list of pros and cons for extending the assignment.
  • Seek input from family and loved ones.
  • Talk to your recruiter and find out what other opportunities might be in the pipeline. You don’t want to miss out on a great assignment!
  • Listen to your gut. Your instincts can be a valuable barometer on whether or not to stay in a particular assignment.

Making career decisions is never easy, but when you have chosen travel nursing, you are on an exciting path with new adventures around every corner. Sometimes a great assignment warrants an extension, while others end at just the right time. The key is being open to the possibilities!

No matter what your specialty is, Supplemental Health Care has travel opportunities available right now. Contact one of our experienced travel nursing recruitment professionals today!