Working Tourist: Chasing the Northern Lights

Haley Whisenhunt has always had a little bit of wanderlust. She enjoyed traveling and trying new things, but her career as an ER nurse kept her too busy to get out on the open road. Then she discovered travel nursing! “I found that travel nursing was a great fit for me,” she explains. “How else could I work a job that I love AND travel and explore new places?”

That was a little over a year ago, and Haley who is now working in Labor & Delivery has never been happier. For Haley, her new career as a working tourist has meant more than just scratching her itch to travel. She credits being able to work in different places with enhancing her skills as a nurse.

“Traveling has meant a lot to my career, and I have learned so much,” she claims. “I have been able to learn new techniques and new skills, and I have also made some great life-long friends along the way!”

Since she began traveling, Haley has been on one adventure after the next. On her assignment in Montana, she discovered just how beautiful the snow could be on a visit to Yellowstone. She drove the Beartooth Highway (“It was scary and fun!”) and spent time exploring Badlands National Park.


In addition to being a nurse, Haley’s travels have shown that she has quite the eye for photography. She has captured some breathtaking photos of natural wonders. While on assignment in Alaska, Haley became addicted to searching for the Northern Lights. She had never seen them before and was enchanted by the colors in the sky when she caught a glimpse of the lights from her housing complex.

“Alaska is amazing. I took a trip to Denali National Park with the hopes of seeing a Moose,” she laughs. “Instead, I was able to see a Grizzly Bear, which was amazing and scary at the same time!”


Since she began traveling, Haley has not been shy about sharing how much she enjoys traveling with Supplemental Health Care. She has gone out of her way to share referrals with her recruiter, Andrew. “Andrew always has my back in any way he can. I try and get referrals through any friends or colleagues who are thinking about traveling as well as on the Facebook pages.”

Haley likes to share her experiences with others who might have concerns about becoming a travel nurse. “My advice to them is to just take the leap,” she explains. “I was so scared to actually do it, and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done! Without travel nursing, I never would have gone to some of these amazing places!”

Supplemental Health Care has thousands of travel opportunities for nurses and allied healthcare professionals available all over the country.If you want to experience life as a traveler, like Haley has, contact one of our recruitment professionals today!

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