Working Tourist: Starting A New Career As A Respiratory Therapist

As is so often the case with healthcare professionals, life experiences play a role in the decision to pursue a career in medicine. For Alisha Ross, that was the case as both of her grandfathers lost their lives to lung-related diseases. While trying to decide which area of healthcare she wanted to focus on, Alisha had a conversation with the instructor for Respiratory Care, and it reminded her of the treatments her grandfathers received from Respiratory Therapists. Whether it was setting up oxygen or helping them feel better with nebulizer treatments, Alisha appreciated what the RTs had done for her loved ones.

“I thought it would be the perfect path to help people like those who had helped my Grandpa’s and also us as their family,” she explains. “I knew it wasn’t always going to be easy, but I also knew it would be worth it!”

In her career as a Respiratory Therapist, Alisha had only worked at one hospital until she decided to begin traveling with Supplemental Health Care. She always had the desire to travel more and see the country but never had the opportunity. In her words, she was tired of working all the time and never going anywhere, and starting a travel career was the opportunity she needed to just get out there and go places.

Her recent assignment at a hospital in central Illinois has opened her eyes to the benefits of traveling as a Respiratory Therapist.

“I have been amazed at how much I have learned,” she said. “Not that one facility is better than any other, but each hospital has different responsibilities for the RRTs. I have learned different equipment and protocols, and it is making me a better RT.”

She has the fondest of memories of her most recent assignment because she met so many wonderful co-workers. The staff made her transition to the facility easy because of how welcoming they were to her and other travelers who were working there. Alisha recalls how the culture permeated throughout the entire staff, from the RTs to the RNs, Physicians, and the Housekeeping staff.

“Everyone was so friendly and approachable!”

In addition to all of the wonderful people she met, Alisha appreciated her assignment there because of her fondness for spending time outdoors. She enjoyed her downtime at many local parks: walking, hiking and even participating in outdoor yoga classes. She also made time to explore all of the fabulous restaurants and other local eateries that boasted a wide range of vegan options for her to enjoy. In the future, Alisha is hoping to travel in Michigan to continue exploring the Great Lakes region.

If you want to start experiencing your own travel adventures, Supplemental Health Care has local and travel opportunities available in Illinois and across the country. You can check them out using our powerful job search tool or contact a recruitment professional today.