Why You Should Partner with a Healthcare Recruiter

As a healthcare professional, you work hard, and long shifts don’t leave a lot of energy for job searching. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an advocate on your side? Someone that can help you find or even define your next career move? Consider partnering with a healthcare recruiter.

Recruiters assist in finding qualified healthcare professionals to fill positions for hospitals, schools, home health agencies, corrections, and everything in between. A recruiter’s job might include creating job postings, reviewing resumes and job applications, conducting interviews, checking references for applicants, and generating submissions to clients. They also are answering questions at trade shows and job fairs, checking time sheets and compliance, and determining new assignments for their current healthcare professionals to work next. They easily understand all the “hats” healthcare professionals wear because they wear them too.

Healthcare Recruiter Benefits

If you are a healthcare professional, we understand that your time is limited. It takes a lot of stamina to do your job. Then, to go home and polish up your resume, search several job boards online, research every company, schedule interviews, etc. is too much. What you need is a champion for you, a friend on the inside.


Healthcare recruiters have access to more jobs than what you might find searching on your own. Top-notch recruiters have established relationships with major hospitals and health systems. These relationships allow them to have knowledge about jobs that haven’t even been posted yet. Working with a recruiter can provide you with more and better job options, faster.


As previously stated, recruiters have existing relationships with multiple healthcare systems and facilities. They automatically have better insight of the job requirements, not just what is posted but also looking at fit beyond the job description. A recruiter will have a clear understanding of what you value to match you with the right position. They also can see whether another assignment you may have overlooked would be a better fit.


In any good negotiation, both sides need to feel satisfied. Recruiters work equally with the employer and candidate to find a perfect fit. Focusing on a win-win situation makes for faster interview processes because they have already narrowed down the candidate pool to the best fit for the job. A good recruiter knows your requests, requirements, and desired pay and perks. They can then match you with a location that has complementary offerings saving everyone time and effort.


A recruiter is more than a go between for you and your facility. As you develop a relationship with your recruiter, you will find that they are equally invested in your success. Your recruiter is going to do everything in their power to make sure you are getting the assignments you want. They are dedicated to help you achieve your longer-term career goals or get you to your dream travel assignment. Remember, the goal of your recruiter is to make sure you are getting what you need and are set up to be successful in every assignment.

National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day

Healthcare recruiters do so much for job seekers it’s no wonder we celebrate them on a national level. In 1991, Congress declared that National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day would be celebrated each year on the first Tuesday of June. This year, June 2, 2020 will be a day to recognize healthcare recruitment professionals for the work they do with nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals. It takes talent to find talent and what your recruiter can do for you is a unique skill that cannot be exaggerated.

Supplemental Health Care Recruiters

At SHC, we are privileged to celebrate and thank our recruiters on this special day. If you would like your own personal advocate and career partner with access to a nationwide network, contact one of our recruitment professionals today. We have an established client-base from coast to coast. You can also peruse the jobs that are currently available through our job search portal.

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