Start Your Travel Nursing Career Closer to Home

Deciding to jump into travel nursing can be a difficult decision especially when you’re nervous about living in a totally new environment or getting lonely. The good news is, becoming a travel nurse doesn’t mean you have to venture across the country. Here are several considerations for taking a travel assignment closer to home.

Benefits of Traveling Closer to Home

Enjoy Traveling like a Local

When you’re just traveling cities away instead of states, you have a better sense of the area and neighboring communities. That familiarity with your surroundings can benefit you when it comes to looking for housing or getting around town. This can also help lower the stress of moving and keep your expenses manageable. In larger states like California, this can also save you from needing another state license or applying for the licensure compact.

You might not get to experience a change of climate or scenery the way you would on other travel assignments, but there is still plenty to do and explore in your own state or a nearby city. Starting out closer to home may just be the push you need to get out of your comfort zone!

Your Support System is Close to You

Are you someone that gets homesick? You don’t have to be far away from friends and family to be a traveler. Some travel nurses want the option to go back home to visit on their days off. It’s much easier to return home than a cross-country drive or hours-long flight.

Working with a staffing agency that has a local presence can also be a benefit when you need to reach them. They know the area, so they can better support you whenever you need it.

Gain New Experiences

You can still get the travel nurse experience, even if the distance isn’t huge. Facilities operate differently everywhere which means you can pick up a new skill set and become more adaptable in new environments. Travel nursing also allows you to stay out of workplace politics and move on to something new after your contract. You can always consider an extension or permanent placement if you find the right match.

All the Benefits of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing pay is different than your typical staff position. As a traveler, you may receive non-taxable expense reimbursements while on your travel assignment for costs like housing and meals. Your compensation package can also vary based on the location or shift you’re willing to work as well as assignments for more urgent needs.

Looking in specific areas might narrow down opportunities as far as available jobs, but it can also be to your advantage. For example, if you’re willing to work in a more rural area, there may be a greater need for your expertise.

Get Started as a Travel Nurse

Whether you’re trying out travel nursing for the first time or just want a change in your travel career, there are some great benefits to looking closer to home! If you’re ready to see what’s available in your area, contact our dedicated recruiting team today!