Care More Spotlight: Caring Above and Beyond

Like many RNs, Mulan learned that she was destined to become a healthcare provider at a young age. She began accompanying family members on doctor visits around the age of ten. Since English was a second language in her family, Mulan translated the interactions between her family members and the medical care team.

It wasn’t easy for someone so young, but she found a sense of empowerment and satisfaction in being able to help others. It was the enjoyment of helping and caring for others that motivated her to become a registered nurse.

“I truly enjoy helping people,” she explains. “Not always just physically but emotionally as well. Sometimes, just speaking to them in their native language can provide comfort.”

Mulan’s excellent patient care was recognized as she won the prestigious Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses for going above and beyond the call of duty for one of her patients. She is an oncology RN, and one day while administering chemotherapy, she found her patient in unbearable pain. She brought the patient a blanket to help make him as comfortable as possible. Mulan rubbed her patient’s shoulders and brought him hot packs to alleviate the pain.

Afterward, the patient was so moved by her kindness that he wrote a letter to the hospital to share his experience. Since winning the Daisy Award, Mulan doesn’t even feel that she had done anything out of the ordinary. In fact, caring that much about her patients is second nature to her.

Another quality that sets Mulan apart is her ability and willingness to communicate with her patients and their family members. “One thing I love about my job is making small talk with the patients,” she says. “Sometimes a simple question about their favorite travel destination or favorite dish can ease their fear and anxiety about being in the hospital.”

Mulan understands that emotional well-being is an essential part of the healing process. On one occasion, she was working in port draw and had a patient who was having her port accessed for the very first time. She was very nervous and shaky, and Mulan saw that she was on the verge of tears. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the woman was going through this alone, so Mulan wanted to help alleviate the patient’s fear.

She noticed the patient was wearing an engagement ring and commented how beautiful it was. She asked her how she had gotten engaged. Almost immediately, the patient’s tone changed. She began telling Mulan the story of how she had gotten engaged to her husband. Her eyes went from being filled with tears to bright and alert as she recalled those special memories. Now that her patient was more relaxed and no longer afraid, Mulan was able to access her port and draw the required labs without incident.

Supplemental Health Care is recognizing Mulan with the Care More Spotlight award for always going above and beyond for those under her care. When asked about what motivates her to give that extra effort, her response says it all. “When I am caring for someone, I know that this patient is someone’s mom, dad, brother, sister, or grandparent. They could just as easily be one of my family members. I will always go above and beyond to make sure they are well taken care of to the best of my ability.”

Mulan has been with SHC for almost a year now, and we are thrilled that she is such a remarkable representative of why we strive to care more each and every day. Mulan also sees that same level of care with her recruiter, Cynthia.

“What I love the most about SHC is my amazing recruiter. She is always there for me when needed,” she says. “We all have busy schedules and life outside of work, but she makes sure my questions are answered, and I have everything I need to succeed in my assignments.”

If you are ready to take your nursing or allied healthcare career to the next level, it is time to explore job opportunities at Supplemental Health Care. You can search our available assignments via our job portal or contact us to get connected with one of our recruitment professionals today.

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