Buffalo Public Schools Are in Session With New Nurse Staffing Partner

Each year around this time, school districts around the country are experiencing the hustle and bustle of a new school year. In past years, Buffalo Public Schools (BPS), a school district operating over 70 public schools, had a vision of a ‘Whole Child’ Comprehensive Nursing Program meeting the healthcare and educational needs of its more than 35,000 students. The launch for this component of the New Education Bargain Agreement is taking place for the 2018 – 2019 school year. BPS chose an experienced school staffing partner to help execute their strategy and integrate with amazing local community resources to achieve services addressing the social, emotional, health and wellness needs of all students. The district sought a partner to implement and maintain a Comprehensive School Nursing (CSN) program, and Supplemental Health Care’s Schools Division answered the call.

The new relationship between SHC and BPS is much more than staffing nurses and other care providers at the district’s various school facilities. The CSN program commitment not only includes providing nursing services but also focusing on health, wellness, and early intervention, implementing and utilizing evidenced-based models, ensuring that services are outcome driven, and partnering with BPS in a coordinated approach addressing the needs of the “whole child” as an integrated team with community resources.

This past summer, the SHC team gained valuable familiarity with BPS while executing the summer school nursing program. Now that the Fall semester is beginning, the project is fully staffed and ready to meet their students. Recently, Dr. Kriner Cash, Superintendent at Buffalo Public Schools, had an opportunity to meet nearly 80 SHC Nurses, LPNs, and RN Supervisors who had gathered for orientation meetings. In his weekly update, Dr. Cash summarized the experience.

“I recently had the opportunity to address the new School Nurses during their orientation this afternoon. They were engaged in various informative sessions that will propel their ability to meet our student’s needs. The group represented a racially and gender diverse group of highly experienced pediatric nurses who are excited to become part of the great work occurring throughout the Buffalo Public Schools. We are all pleased with having Supplemental Health Care as a partner and appreciative of the organization’s commitment to enhancing health and wellness services for our students.”

SHC is currently engaged onsite at BPS this week with over 8 teams and 3 supervisors, plus coordinating weekly calls with key members of BPS to ensure that the new CSN program implementation is effective and meeting the needs of the district, parents, and students being served. Additionally, agreed upon nurse staffing enhancements and outcomes will be reported on to provide BPS with the transparency and accountability they need to evaluate the SHC partnership.

If you are a school district administrator or healthcare organization executive, Supplemental Health Care has the experience and nationwide reach to solve the most complex workforce challenges. From a comprehensive Managed Services Provider Program to Substitute Pool Management, and everything in between, SHC has the expertise to help. Contact our Client Solutions Team today for more information.

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