The Season for Giving Thanks

Last year, when I penned my first blog post for Supplemental Health Care, I was fairly new to the organization, but I had a strong sense that I had joined a very special team. Throughout this past year, I have learned so much more about the amazing men and women who work for SHC, that I am compelled to give thanks every day for the work we are doing. And what better time to write about that than in this season of giving thanks.

Being with Supplemental Health Care makes it easy to be thankful. Hearing stories about the commitment and dedication of our healthcare professionals warms my heart on even the coldest of winter days. Over the course of 2018, we have been highlighting the accomplishments of many of our extraordinary nurses and therapists in the “Working Tourist” blog and our “Care More” Spotlights.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read about some of the exceptional caregivers in the spotlights, I hope you will so you too can be as inspired as I am from their stories. Read about Brittney, who was recognized by the American Staffing Association as the 2018 Staffing Employee of the Year! You can also learn about Michelle, an RN in Fort Worth who overcame many challenges before becoming a registered nurse. And now, as an ER nurse, she is having a positive impact on every patient she meets.

Another Care More spotlight that is sure to touch your heart is the story about Judy, a mother of seven children who became a nurse after her last child went off to college. She has been with SHC since January of 2016, and while she claims that she is grateful for the opportunity to impact the lives of her patients, we are all thankful that she is such an exceptional nurse and a great representative of what we are all about as an organization.


By nature, I’ve always been a positive person, and having the opportunity to be associated with such talented, caring healthcare professionals fills me with pride and gratitude. I am wowed by the passion and energy I see exhibited on a daily basis.

I want to personally thank all of you who make Supplemental Health Care who we are. From the nurses, therapists, and allied staff who are caring for patients and students on the front lines every day, to the dedicated sales, recruitment and support professionals who keep things going behind the scenes, thank you. I am grateful for who you are and for the positive impact you have on those around you. I wish you all peace and joy throughout this holiday season and continued success in the coming year.

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