6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Healthcare Organization Now

There are many ways you can enhance your career in healthcare. Whether you are a registered nurse, therapist, or another provider, there are plenty of ways to help move your career to the next level. It could involve going back to school, learning a new skill, or networking.

Joining a professional organization or healthcare association in your discipline or specialty can be a great way to expand your knowledge and network with a community of your peers. Membership can also offer many other benefits and perks. First, let’s explore how associations and organizations can boost your career, then we will share a list to help you get started.


Reasons to Join a Professional Healthcare Organization

Expand Your Professional Network

Obtaining membership in a professional organization has many more benefits than we can list here, but one of the biggest is growing your network of connections with others in your career. Professional networks can lead to important relationships that help you at all stages of your career. Another benefit of joining a professional organization is they often provide exclusive access to job postings and job boards that can lead to your next opportunity. It’s also a huge benefit to build a community and support system with professionals that understand the unique demands of your job.

Access to Educational Opportunities

As a member of a professional organization, you have access to the latest information about which certifications and education courses will benefit your career the most. Professional associations offer continuing education credits and provide members with discounted pricing. Organizations also sponsor national and regional meetings and conferences that provide you with opportunities to network in person and gain the latest knowledge and information about the topics that matter to your profession.

Help You Save Money

Did we mention discounts on certifications and CEUs? Being a member of an association makes it easier to stay on top of your career with access to webinars, training, and conferences. Associations can also offer discounted rates on hotels and accommodations during a crisis like a health emergency or natural disaster.

Stay in the Know

Your membership in a professional association will provide you with the latest news about your career specialty. You can always find helpful information in blogs or video posts and even association newsletters that arrive in your inbox. It is always beneficial to your career if you take a few minutes to catch up on the latest healthcare news and industry developments. The world of healthcare is constantly in flux, and being able to stay ahead of changes and new regulations can help you manage the uncertainty.

There is Strength in Numbers

Getting involved in politics and policymaking, in general, is not something that appeals to most of us. Being a part of an organization that will represent your best interests is one way to ensure your voice is heard. Whether the advocacy needs to occur at the federal, state, or local level, there is strength in numbers when trying to affect change.

Boost Your Professional Profile

Your membership in a professional organization will also look good on your resume. It demonstrates that you are actively seeking to improve your career and can put you a leg up on your competition for a new job. Most associations also have resources to help you with professional development and tips for crafting a winning resume. Plus, the professional network you have spent time developing will be there for you to provide support, recommendations, and even an extra set of eyes to proofread a resume for you.


List of Professional Healthcare Organizations

Nursing Professionals

For a comprehensive list of nursing organizations, click here.

Allied Health Professionals

Healthcare Organizations

Granted, making a commitment to join a professional organization can seem a bit daunting. The key is to spend some time researching those that best match your specialty or practice area, and you will ultimately land on one that makes sense for you and your career goals. Seek out advice from a mentor or experienced colleague. You were called to this profession, so it makes sense to take it as far as possible.

Healthcare Job Opportunites

Supplemental Health Care has a team of recruitment professionals who can help you find nursing, therapy, or allied health opportunities locally or nationwide. Or if you have a friend or colleague, we offer referral bonuses for qualified healthcare professionals that come to work with us. Contact us today and learn how SHC can be your career partner.